The Town's Heritage Planning division oversees heritage management throughout the Town and plays an active role in the identification and conservation of significant heritage resources, which can include buildings, natural resources, monuments, structures, and landscapes.

Heritage Planning provides a number of services, including:

  • Management of heritage-related databases, such as the Aurora Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest
  • Processing heritage designations under Part IV and Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Processing heritage permit applications.  To submit a heritage application or check the status go to our online Portal. In order to access the portal, you must register as a user click on the register with Portal to create your account
  • Overseeing heritage studies, such as Heritage Conservation District (HCD) studies
  • Providing information relating to the heritage status of properties within the Town
  • Assisting with managing change and development in such a way that it is sympathetic to significant heritage resources
  • Managing programs and heritage initiatives, such as the Wood Plaque program

Further Information and resources are provided below, and you can feel free to reach out to Adam Robb, Associate Manager of Development Planning, at

The Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee reviews heritage permit applications, designations, and properties on the Town's Heritage Register - advising staff and assisting Council on all matters relating to the conservation of buildings of historic or architectural value. The Committee is comprised of citizen members and one member of Council. 


The Architectural Salvage Program

The Architectural Salvage Program enables the salvaging and re-use of architectural materials of significant cultural heritage value in Aurora.The Program facilitates the appropriate re-use and conservation of materials at the discretion of the Heritage Advisory Committee in a manner that is sustainable, operational, accessible to the general public, and consistent.This Program encourages the adaptive re-use of heritage materials instead of being deposited as landfill. Suitable elements for inclusion in the program include (but are not limited to) doors, windows, fireplace mantles and shutters.


Those interested in donating or receiving materials may access the links below for further information or contact Heritage Planning at (905) 726-4700 or email our Planning department.


Architectural Salvage program application form

Architectural Salvage program guide​


The Aurora Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest 

The Town maintains an updated Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest. The Register is available here:

For further information contact Heritage Planning at (905) 726-4700 or email our Planning department.

Application Information and Forms

Heritage applications can now be applied for through the Town's online Portal. The below forms are available for additional reference. 

Application Guides
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