Whether you are a long-standing resident of Aurora or new to our Town, you will find a variety of useful information on Town services and community programs.

Town of Aurora offers services to help you with your home or property. If you are moving into a new home or looking to make improvements to your existing properties, we can help.

Aurora is a strong supporter of healthy and active lifestyles for residents of all ages. We have up-to-date, multi-use recreational facilities and a variety of programs, playing fields, parks and trails.

There is so much to do and see in Aurora. Discover the beautiful scenery, extensive parks and trails systems and picturesque community. It is one of the most ideal places in York Region to live, work and play!

General inquiries can be directed to Access Aurora at 905-727-1375 or email Access Aurora.  Browse through the information below to lean about services and programs available.

 Property Taxes
The Town of Aurora’s property taxes are billed twice per year, usually in January and June/July, with two payment installations due for each billing.

The property taxes are calculated based on the value of your property, as determined and reported by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Each year after the budget setting process, the Town approves tax rates for each property class.

The Municipal Act requires your interim bill to be based on 50 per cent of your last year taxes.

Your final billing issued in June or July is figured out by using your determined value plus the approved tax rate, less the interim billing amount.

Both the interim billing and the final billing must be paid to satisfy your property tax obligation for the year.

The Town of Aurora offers three payment plans:

  • 11-month payment plan: Starting in January and ending in November, payments are taken from your bank account on the last business day of each month
  • Installment plan: Tax payments are taken from your bank account on each of the four annual installment due dates.
  • Arrears plan: An agreed amount is taken from your bank account until your account is up-to-date. Monthly payments are taken on the last business day of each month to decrease the amount you owe. Interest is applied on a monthly basis at a rate of 1.25 per cent on any unpaid property taxes.

For more information on your property taxes visit our detailed Property Tax webpage

If you need your tax bill issued again or would like to know your account balance, please call Access Aurora at 905-727-1375 or email Access Aurora.

Property tax documents and applications

 Water and Sewer Billing

Water and wastewater billings are issued quarterly (four times per year) for residential accounts and bi-monthly for non-residential accounts.

The bills are based on water consumed as registered on your water meter. The water meter can be read directly by the Town contractor from outside the home by touching equipment to an outdoor reading device which is connected to the meter in your basement. No adjustment to the wastewater charge is made for water which is used outside for pools, garden or lawn maintenance or washing, as this difference is averaged in our rate calculations for all consumers.

Large water bills can result in overconsumption of water or leaks. View our Detecting water leaks webpage for information on how to detect a water leak inside or outside your home.

If you are purchasing or selling your home you must complete the Water and Wastewater Property Sale/Purchase Form to open or close your account.

If you are renting your home you must complete the Water and Wastewater Tenant Move In/Out Form

E-billing is now available for Water/Wastewater bills. All future Water/Wastewater bills will be e-mailed directly to you. To register for this service please complete the registration form.

The Pre-Authorized Water Payment Plan offers you the option of worry-free payments, even if you are away for an extended period of time. To register, please complete the Pre-Authorized Water and Wastewater Payment Plan Registration Form.

For more information on your water and sewer bill visit our detailed Water and Sewer billing webpage.

Water and Sewer Billing documents and applications

Electricity in Aurora is provided by Alectra Utilities.

Electrical power and related services in The Town of Aurora are provided by Alectra Utilities.

Please do not contact the Town to report power outages or request information regarding repairs and timelines.

To report a power outage or electrical emergency contact Alectra Utilities directly at 1-877-963-6900

 Natural Gas
Gas in Aurora is provided by Enbridge Gas.
 Garbage, Recycling and Compost
Recycling (Blue Bin) and Compost (Green Bin) are picked up every week on your scheduled collection day and Garbage is collected every other week on your scheduled collection day. To determine your collection day, please check our online Recycle Coach app or refer to the Waste and Recycling calendar.

New residents to the Town of Aurora can request a free Blue and Green bin from the Town. To request a new set of recycling bins call 905-727-1375 or email info@aurora.ca

Broken or damaged bins can be replaced free of charge by contacting 905-727-1375. The broken or damaged bins will need to be placed at the curb to be swapped out with the new bin.

Please note that lost or stolen bins can be purchased.

Visit our waste page for more on how to purchase a waste bin ocontact Access Aurora at 905-727-1375.

Waste calendars are mailed out at the end of each year. If you require a calendar you can pick up one from Town Hall at 100 John West Way during regular business hours or download the waste guide.

Town of Aurora residents can place up to three (3) bags or containers out for pick up every other week on regularly scheduled collection days. All garbage should be placed in a Town approved container or black plastic bag.

The total of three (3) bags or container limit must be no more than 133 litres or 50 pounds maximum. No loose material will be accepted and all items must be bagged and tied.

As outlined in Bylaw #5590-14 section 4.16, the number of items put out for collection from any premise on any collection day shall not exceed a total of three (3) garbage bags and shall not exceed a total of five (5) bulky items.

Effective January 2021, bags will not be collected beyond the three (3) bag limit. Additional waste beyond the limit will have a non-compliant sticker placed on it and will be left behind.

For more information on your waste collection visit our detailed Garbage, Recycling and Compost webpage.

The Bylaw Services division works with the community to educate and enforce bylaws to protect the welfare, health and safety of our residents.

Bylaw Complaints can be sent to the Town by phone at 905-727-3123 ext. 4240 or by emailing the Bylaw division.

Once a complaint has been generated, it is assigned to the appropriate staff to investigate. If the complaint is deemed valid, the officer will follow the appropriate departmental policies, procedures, and practices to gain compliance.

Visit our frequently requested Bylaw webpage for a list of most common bylaws, or search the Town's record repository for a comprehensive list. Don’t see the bylaw you’re looking for? Contact us by phone at 905-727-3123 ext. 4240 or by emailing the Bylaw division.

 Animal Services
The Towns of Aurora and Georgina and have amalgamated their animal services. Animal Service Officers are responsible for the investigation of complaints filed by residents, conducting proactive patrols of public parks in the Town, and the picking up of lost, stray, and injured animals. 

Animal Services provides active education programs to educate and encourage responsible pet ownership.

Animal Services will address wildlife complaints within the three municipalities provided that the injured wildlife is located on town-owned property. For wildlife issues relating to private property, residents are encouraged to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility or wildlife control expert.

If you are looking for information on how to license your pet report your animal lost or to report a wildlife complaint visit our Animal services webpage for more information or contact 1-877-979-PAWS or email our Animals Services department.  


Both the Town of Aurora and the Region of York look after roads and traffic in Aurora. The Region is primarily responsible for traffic and road maintenance on primary roads, often referred to as major roads. These roads include most of Yonge Street (except for the portion between Orchard Heights and Henderson Drive), Bathurst Street, Wellington Street, St. John’s Sideroad, Leslie Street, Bayview Avenue and Bloomington Avenue.

For issues regarding traffic, traffic signals, construction or road maintenance for Regional roads please contact the Region of York. To view a map of all Regional Roads please visit the Region of York online map.

The Town of Aurora Roads Division is responsible for all secondary roads, which includes a section of Yonge Street and most residential roads.

Overall, the Town is responsible for the following:

  • Crossing guards
  • Roads, curbs and guiderails
  • Road excavation permits
  • Street and road signs
  • Town-owned parking lots
  • Winter maintenance
  • Traffic safety and analysis on Town roads

Ensuring the safety of our residents and visitors is always our top concern and we encourage anyone with issues to email Access Aurora.

For detailed information on our Roads and traffic in Aurora visit our Roads and Traffic webpage.

Winter Maintenance

At the beginning of a snowfall or freezing rain, all primary roads with high volume traffic are salted first. Then all secondary roads with low volume traffic are salted at hills, intersections and curves. After 8 centimeters (3 inches) of snow accumulation (except Yonge Street - 5 centimeters) all primary and secondary roads are plowed.

Residents are responsible for clearing their driveways and walkways. Snow plows have limited control over the amount and direction of snow that comes off the plow. When you are clearing the end of your driveway, please pile the snow on the right side (standing in your driveway and looking towards the street). This helps reduce the amount of snow that is pushed onto your driveway when a snow plow passes. The Town does not have a driveway windrow removal program.

For more information visit our Winter Maintenance webpage for service levels, plow routes and maps. 

For all snow plow related issues email Access Aurora.

 Building Permits
The Ontario Building Code requires that you obtain a Building Permit before you start work on a new house, an addition or any significant alterations to an existing house. If you plan to renovate your basement, put an addition on your home or add some upgrades to your home contact our Building department to see if a permit is required. For Building related matters, please call 365-500-2081 or email our Building Department.
 Mayor and Council
The Town of Aurora's municipal government is composed of the Mayor and six Councillors, with the Mayor also representing the Town at the regional level of government.

The Mayor and Council are dedicated to serving the residents and businesses of The Town of Aurora in a responsive and effective manner, through leadership and legislative action, for the present and future well-being of the community.

For contact information for the Mayor and Members of Council view our Council Members page or email all councillors.

 Council Meetings
Aurora Town Council’s monthly meeting cycle will generally be held as follows:
  • General Committee – first and third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.
  • Public Planning – second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.
  • Council – fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

Council meetings can be viewed online. To see upcoming meetings view the agendas and minutes webpage.

 Special Events

The Town of Aurora is a vibrant, family-friendly community with so many events for residents and visitors to enjoy throughout the year.

In 2020 the Town of Aurora was awarded Municipality of the year for Festivals and Events Ontario and also awarded top 100 Festivals and Events in Ontario.

From our Multicultural events such as the National Indigenous Peoples Day event and Multicultural festival to our Canada day celebrations and Concerts in the Park series, Ribfest and Haunted Forest, there is something for everyone.

To view a listing of our annual events visit our Special Events webpage


Aurora has excellent indoor and outdoor facilities offering a variety of sports, fitness and recreation programs for our community. For information on our facilities, recreation, art and culture visit our Recreation webpage.

In order to participate in any of our programs or activities, pre-registration is required. Register online at e-PLAY.

Recreation Facilities

Aurora Family Leisure Complex (A.F.L.C.)
135 Industrial Parkway North​
Locate map of A.F.L.C.

Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex (S.A.R.C.)
1400 Wellington Street East
Locate map of S.A.R.C.

Club Aurora Fitness Centre

Aurora is proud to promote and encourage active and healthy lifestyles for everyone in our community. We offer a variety of different fitness opportunities to meet the varying needs of residents including fitness classes, health programs and gym memberships at our newly renovated Club Aurora Fitness Centre.

Visit our webpage for more information on the Club Aurora Fitness Centre.

 Parks & Trails

Aurora has an extensive park and trails system and many natural areas that connect residents and visitors to nature and the community.

From landscaped public parks to environmentally sensitive river valleys meandering throughout the municipality and the Oak Ridges Moraine there is something for everyone.

The Town of Aurora currently manages over 62 parks encompassing more than 800 acres. Connecting many of the parks is a trail system of approximately 62 ​kilometres designed to accommodate joggers, hikers and cross country skiers.

View a list of Town Parks with amenities such as splash pads, ball diamonds, basketball courts, outdoor skating rinks and much more.

View our Streets, Parks and Trails map to discover all the natural beauty and amenities available.

For more information on park amenities such as splash pads, trails and playgrounds view our Parks and Trails page.

 Contact the Town
General inquiries can be directed to Access Aurora at 905-727-1375 or email Access Aurora.  Additional department contacts can be found below.

Tax Billing Services
Email: tax@aurora.ca

Water Billing Services
Email: water@aurora.ca

Bylaw Services
Email: bylawdept@aurora.ca

Community & Recreation Services
For recreation customer service, program registration, memberships: rleisure@aurora.ca  
Facility rental inquiries: bookings@aurora.ca  
Facility advertising & sponsorships: ldyer@aurora.ca

Corporate Communications
Email: communications@aurora.ca  

Human Resources
Email: hr@aurora.ca

Operational Services 
Water meters: adelbalso@aurora.ca  
Bulk water requests: BulkWaterAurora@aurora.ca 
Garbage inquiries: acutler@aurora.ca

Planning Inquiries

Building Inquiries

Engineering Inquiries 
Email: engineering@aurora.ca 

For the latest updates on what’s happening visit our website and social media channels.


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