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Road Construction Improvements

Heathwood Heights Watermain Relining and Road Rehabilitation

Project Details:

North Rock Group has been contracted by the Town for watermain relining and road rehabilitation on Heathwood Heights Drive located between Bathurst Street and Tribbling Crescent. It is anticipated that the work will commence at the beginning of May and be completed at the end of July. 

The proposed works include:

Watermain Relining:

  • Supply temporary water to residents affected by the watermain relining.
  • Clean the inside of the watermain to remove accumulated mineral deposits.
  • Install a new watermain lining to structurally support and renew the existing watermain.
  • Replace the existing valves and fire hydrants.

Road Rehabilitation:

• Replace damaged curb and sidewalk.

• Replace catchbasin and maintenance hole lids.

• Mill and overlay 50mm of asphalt including base repairs.

• Restore of speed bumps.

Project Location Map:

Satellite street view of Heathwood Heights Drive with a red dotten line marker, along with surrounding streets and Bathurst Street on the left


For questions or additional information please contact Michael Nicholas, Contract Administrator, Engineering and Capital Delivery Division, Planning and Development Services at 365-500-3116 or email

Road Rehabilitation of Infrastructure to pavement, curbs, and sidewalks – May to October, 2024

Project Details:

Road construction improvements are coming to a number of roads around Town, rehabilitating pavement, curbs and sidewalks. Work is set to begin early May and continue through to October. 

Construction Project: AM0363 and AM0364

Road Rehabilitation will commence on the following roads:

  • Marsh Harbour
  • McClenny Drive
  • Timpson Drive
  • Dinsmore Terrace
  • Beatty Crescent
  • Babcock Blvd
  • Seaton Drive
  • Teasdale Court
  • Simmons Crescent
  • Sandfield Drive
  • Edwards Street
  • Wells Street
  • Traffic Signal Modifications at Yonge Street and Henderson Drive Intersection.

Project Location Map:

For more information on project location, visit our construction project page.


For questions or additional information please contact Jeremy Carnovale, Contract Administrator, Engineering and Capital Delivery, Planning and Development Services at 365-500-3119 or email

Poplar Crescent Reconstruction Project

Project Updates

June 17, 2024: Trisan Construction has confirmed that their equipment and material will mobilize during the last week of June (next week). Excavation and road closures will begin July 2nd. Road closure details will be provided to Poplar Crescent residents via email from the condo presidents. 


June 10, 2024: Trisan Construction has confirmed that construction should start during the last week of June. 


May 17, 2024: The Town and Trisan Construction are currently working through preconstruction details. We anticipate that construction will start in the second week of June. 


May 2, 2024: It is very important for residents in the Poplar Crescent community to grant permission to GPM Environmental to perform a pre-construction inspection. If vibrations from construction cause damage to your home you will be able to use this inspection report to prove that the damage was caused by the contractor. This inspection is not mandatory and denying entry to your home will not reduce your legal rights. It's important to note that cities in Ontario do not get involved in disputes between contractors and homeowners for damage that was caused during construction. This dispute is between the homeowner and the contractor only. That being said, this inspection is free and at the very least, homeowners should allow GPM Environmental to take pictures of the exterior.   


April 23, 2024: Trisan Construction has been awarded the project. Preconstruction condition assessments will be starting shortly. Residents in the Poplar Crescent area will receive a letter from GPM Environmental. Residents are encouraged to respond to the letter and allow GPM Environmental to perform a condition assessment of their home. If there are any damages from vibrations or any construction activity, the condition assessment will be used to settle the claim quickly. 

Project Details

The Poplar Crescent Reconstruction Project includes the following works:

  • Replacement of the existing 150mm diameter watermain with a new 200mm diameter PVC watermain, complete with water services to the property line;
  • Replacement of the existing sanitary sewer systems with new sanitary sewers, maintenance holes and sanitary services to the property line;
  • Replacement of the existing storm sewer systems with new storm sewers, maintenance holes, catchbasins and storm services to the property line;
  • Replacement of concrete sidewalks and concrete curb and gutter;
  • Reconstruction of the road structure including new granular road base and two layers of asphalt;
  • Replacement of driveway aprons and private road entrances up to the property line; and
  • Restoration of grassed boulevard areas.

Project Location Map

Poplar Crescent Reconstruction Project Location Map of

Public Information Centre (PIC)

A Public Information Centre (PIC) was held on January 11, 2024 between 5 and 7pm at Aurora Town Hall. Please see the following links for copies of the PIC notice letter that was mailed to neighbourhood property owners and the PIC Presentation Boards:


For questions or additional information please contact:
Steven Ferro, Contract Administrator 
Planning and Development Services - Engineering Division
Town of Aurora

Notice of Construction - Leslie Street and Vandorf Sideroad - April to September, 2023

This will serve as formal notification of construction at the intersection of Leslie Street and Vandorf Sideroad in the Town of Aurora.


  • Removal of a raised portion of land (berm) on the southwest corner of the intersection
  • This work will improve sight lines for vehicles and increase safety for all road users


  • Late April 2023 to September 2023

Impacts to travellers:

  • Road work will occur on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • The road will remain open to through traffic; however, lane restrictions will be required to complete road improvements
  • Access to homes and businesses will be maintained

If you have any questions about this project, please contact:

For after-hours emergencies, please contact York Region’s Roads and Traffic Operations Centre at 1-877-464-9675 ext. 75200.

For general inquiries, please contact Transportation Operations at 1-877-464-9675 ext. 75000 or via email at

Henderson Drive Wildlife Tunnel and Culvert Upgrade Project 

Project Details: The project consists of the replacement of existing twin barrel corrugated steel pipe (CSP) storm culvert with a concrete box culvert which encompasses a wildlife tunnel for the safe passage of local turtle species crossing the roadway. This project also includes installation of wildlife fencing, nesting areas on the south boulevard along Salamander Pond, new guard rails on the north boulevard, and stone retaining walls to address slope stability issues and reinforce the structural integrity of the culvert and channel.  

Project Location Map: 

Wildlife Tunnel and Culvert map and photos

PIC Information Display Board: View here

PIC Comments Form: Complete this form to provide your comments on the proposed project.

Contact: Should you have any concerns or require any additional information, please contact:

Jeremy Carnovale
Construction Projects Administrator 
Town of Aurora Engineering Division
Phone: (365)-500-3119


Jones Court Stream Channel Rehabilitation Project


Project Updates

September 28 - The Town of Aurora has awarded this project to R&M Construction. The anticipated start date is late October. 

October 16th - The Town has met with R&M Construction and the anticipated start date is mid January 2024.

January 3rd - Work will start January 8th. 

January 18th - Work on the armourstone retaining wall has begun 

January 31st - 50% of the armourstone retaining wall is complete between Davis Drive and Jones Court. 

February 20th - The armourstone between Davis Drive and Jones Court is complete. The bed of the creek has been replaced with riverstone and shaped into riffles and pools. The contractor has begun working on the north side of Jones Court. The project should be completed by the end of February. 

March 1st - The culvert is complete. The contractor is going to return in the spring to plant trees, place sod and install the chain-link fence. 


Project Details

Aquafor Beech Limited (Aquafor) has been retained by the Town of Aurora to complete the stream rehabilitation design for proposed works between Murray Drive and Davis Road in the Town of Aurora.

The stream rehabilitation design will include installing roundstone cobble riffle-pool features and armourstone walls to stabilize the channel and restoring slopes above the armourstone walls.

During construction Davis Road will be temporarily closed in the immediate vicinity of the channel.  During construction Jones Court will be restricted to local traffic.

Project Location Map
See the project location map.
Virtual PIC Display Boards
Jones Court PIC Display Boards

Should you have any questions or should you require any additional information please contact:

Steven Ferro - Contract Administrator, Planning and Development Services, Engineering Division - 365-500-3120 - 

Devlin Place Stream, Pond, and Culvert Rehabilitation

Project Details

Why Are We Doing This Project?

In 2019, the Town of Aurora completed a Stream Management Master Plan (SMMP) that identified this site as one of the priority erosion mitigation projects based on the existing level of risk. This project was undertaken to address stream bank erosion concerns and improve the condition of existing infrastructure as per recommendations of the SMMP.

What Are The Proposed Works?

The proposed stream rehabilitation works include:

  • Removing failing retaining walls and installing stream channel erosion protection.
  • Removing garbage and debris from the watercourse.
  • Cleaning out the sediment in the Devlin Place culvert and performing patchwork repairs to extend the life of the culvert.
  • Rehabilitating the existing stormwater management pond behind Teasdale court to restore lost storage capacity.
  • Restoring areas disturbed by construction with native tree and shrub plantings.

Studies and Design Work Completed

  • Land Surveys
  • Utility Location Investigations
  • Soils Investigations
  • Channel Bank Stability Analysis
  • Stream Flow Analysis
  • Ecology Studies
  • Detailed Design Drawings for Construction

Construction Timing Windows

Construction may be staged with one or more starts and stops of work. This will potentially leave the site temporarily inactive to minimize construction impacts on bird nesting, bat maternity roosting, and fish spawning.

Construction Impacts & Restoration Works

To complete stream, pond and culvert rehabilitation works, trees will be removed, however native tree and shrub plantings are proposed to mitigate these impacts and restore the natural area to existing condition or better.

Project Updates

January 8th Update:

Sierra Excavating Enterprises has been awarded the project to undertake stream, pond and culvert rehabilitation work by Devlin Place. Construction will take place in stages. Tree removal is anticipated to commence in February, with stream and stormwater pond retrofit work to follow. All work is anticipated to be completed by October, 2024.

The stream rehabilitation work will include installing armour stone walls to stabilize the eroding channel banks, and realignment of the stream. Pond retrofit work will include removal of sediment build up, rehabilitation of concrete structures and installation of armour stone around the perimeter. Culvert rehabilitation work to include removal of sediment build up within and around the culvert and concrete rehabilitation in specific areas of the culvert.

As a measure of safety, the area will be closed during construction and the public are asked to refrain from entering the construction area. Thank you in advance for your patience during the construction phase of this project.

Work completed prior to January 8th update:

Letter sent to homes in the project area in December 2020 to notify the residents of the commencement of the project.
• A virtual Public Information Centre (PIC) meeting was held in November 2021 to present the plans showing existing site conditions and proposed stream and pond rehabilitation works for comment.
• Follow-up letters, phone calls and emails with residents and stakeholders over the duration of the project.


March 21st Update:

  • Tree clearing grubbing is complete
  • Channel works are underway
  • Installation of the armourstone retaining wall along stream bank has commenced
Project Location Map
Devlin construction project map, showing Devlin Place and Seaton Road
Construction Notices and Newsletters

Jeremy Carnovale
Construction Projects Administrator
Town of Aurora Engineering Division
Phone: (365)-500-3119

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