Community Partnership Grant

What is the Community Partnership Grant?

The community partnership grant (“the grant”) provides temporary financial assistance to community groups and individuals within Aurora or who serve Aurora, to assist in the implementation of culture or recreation-based initiatives and to help them build capacity, further their mandate/mission, benefit the community and support the Town’s vision and/or strategic plan.

Who can Apply?
  • Culture, recreation and/or community organizations that serve the Aurora community primarily.
  • Individuals, who are residents of Aurora.
  • Individuals, culture or recreation professionals, culture, or recreation organizations regardless of not-for-profit or charitable status.

The initiative that the applicant is seeking funding for must address the following criteria. Please be specific when completing the application:

  • Support at least one pillar of the Town of Aurora’s Strategic Plan.
  • Further the applicant's mandate and/or mission. 
  • Help build individual, organizational or community capacity.

In alignment with the Inclusion Charter, all applicants should ensure that their project considers the values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

  • Eligible grant recipients should be Aurora based community groups, and not-for-profit and charitable community groups or individuals who serve the Aurora community primarily.
    • Eligible expenses to be funded include program or event supplies, rental of items or facilities related to the project being applied for, catering or food for events, and entertainment for the project being applied for.
    • Ineligible expenses to be funded include alcoholic beverages, staff wages, salaries or benefits, ongoing operating costs of the applicant such as office rent, utilities, office supplies, travel costs, donations, replacement equipment and consultative services.
What do I Need to Apply?
  • Submit a complete application form by the deadline (see below).
    • For grant requests between $500 and $10,000 funding is allocated four times annually: March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1.
      • For each application deadline, applicants will be notified of the result by the end of the month.
    • For grant requests $500 or less, intakes will take place continuously and applications will be considered throughout the year.
  • An acceptable financial statement covering the fiscal year prior to the period for which the grant is being applied for and a current year budget.
  • An itemized budget breakdown how the grant funds will be spent.
  • Indicate the purpose for which the grant is required and justify that purpose.
  • Demonstrate in a clear, concise and specific manner, that eligibility criteria have been met.
How Much can I Receive?
  • The maximum value of individual grants will be $10,000 in any calendar year. This can be for more than one initiative, however the total cumulative annual amount will not exceed $10,000 per organization.
Complete the Application

Funding up to $500

Funding $500 to $10,000

Report Back
  • Grant recipients must submit a final online report that provides the Town with metrics related to the initiative within 60 days of the event date or expenditure of funds. Failure to submit the completed Report Back Form will impact an applicant’s ability to apply for future grants.
  • Report Back Form

If you have any questions, please email our Community Partnership Grants Team