Extensive community consultation results in many plans, studies and reports that help guide development and investment.

Long range planning includes the Town's land use policy planning. Some of the key functions include:

  • The implementation of Provincial and Regional policy;
  • Formulation and implementation of Town land use planning policy;
  • Policy review;
  • Provision of policy support to the Development Planning Division
  • Environmental planning
  • Population and employment growth;
  • Servicing allocation; and
  • Special projects

Below are a few examples that are completed or coming up for renewal. For the latest, and most up-to-date timelines, community engagement and announcements on current projects, visit our Engage Aurora site.

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Promenade Area Community Improvement Plan CIP - Town of Aurora 

The Town of Aurora and their Consultants Sierra Planning & Management have prepared a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Aurora Promenade Area. 

Official Plan - Town of Aurora

An Official Plan is a blueprint for tomorrow that directs long term growth and development within a municipality. It outlines the goals, objectives and policies to manage that growth, including the social, economic, built and natural environment priorities of the Town of Aurora.

Secondary Plans - Town of Aurora

Aurora's Secondary Plans, plan for the development of specific areas within the Town. They are prepared and administered by the Planning and Building Services department.

Stable Neighbourhood Urban Design Guidelines

In an effort to provide further guidance for managing infill development in the Regency Acres, Temperance Street, Town Park, and Aurora Heights neighbourhoods, the Town of Aurora Planning Department undertook a study of our "Stable Neighbourhood

Green Development Standards
The Town is initiating a new process to implement Green Development Standards. The new standards will encourage new development in the town that helps build a sustainable Aurora. For more information or to provide input, please contact our Planning Division.

For more information contact  905-726-4700 or by emailing our Planning Division.