Provincial Planning Framework

Planning Act

The land use planning process is regulated by the Planning Act together with other legislation and
provincial policy.
The Council of a municipality, in carrying out their responsibilities under the Act, shall have regard to, among other matters, matters of provincial interest, including appropriate location of growth and development. In addition, Council must ensure that sufficient information is made available to enable the public to understand generally the planning application that is being considered, and at least one public meeting is held for the purpose of giving the public an opportunity to make representations with respect to the planning application being considered.

Provincial Policy Statement (2014)

The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) provides direction on matters of provincial interest related to land use planning and development. The PPS promotes the efficient use of lands, resources and opportunities for intensification and redevelopment where this can be accommodated taking into account the suitable infrastructure and public service facilities required to accommodate projected needs. The PPS states that settlement areas shall be the focus of growth and development.

Decisions on planning matters must be consistent with the provisions of the PPS.

Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2006)

The provincial Growth Plan requires that by the year 2015 and for each year thereafter, a minimum of 40 per cent of all residential development occurring annually within each upper-and single-tier municipality will be within the built-up area.
The Growth Plan requires all municipalities to encourage intensification generally throughout the built-up area and to facilitate and promote intensification. 
The Growth Plan defines Intensification as: the development of a property, site or area at a higher density than currently exists.

Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan

The westerly portion of the former golf course is designated as Settlement Area in the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan. Urban uses and development as set out in municipal official plans are allowed.
As part of Council's consideration of any Planning Application, public consultation is required under the Planning Act.

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