The Town of Aurora provides access to records through the Freedom of Information (FOI) process outlined by the province's Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA/ Act).

The Act contributes to the transparency of government while ensuring individual rights to privacy.

How to Submit a Request for Records

Submit the application online

  • Fill out the Application for Access / Correction to Records
  • Write a $5 cheque, payable to The Corporation of the Town of Aurora. The cheque can also be dropped off in a sealed envelope at the Town’s secure drop box, located to the left of the main entrance doors. If paying at Town Hall, payments in the form of cash, debit or credit are accepted.
  • Mail or deliver the completed form and cheque to:

Records Coordinator
100 John West Way
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 6J1

Next Steps

  1. We will process your payment and send an acknowledgment letter confirming that the process has begun.
  2. Staff will review the request to retrieve all related records.
  3. Within 30 calendar days you will receive a written decision about records matching the request (responsive records). This will include the cost to reproduce the records and an index of responsive records.
  4. Once payment is received, staff will send the responsive records to you and conclude the request.

Please note: In some cases additional time is required to investigate and fulfil the request. In such cases, this requirement will be communicated.

Record Exceptions

Many records are available outside of the Freedom of Information process. Please see the following resources to acquire those records.

Building Drawings
If you are requesting drawings for a property that you own, these records can be routinely disclosed to you for a fee. Please submit a request to the Building Services team.

Fire Incident Report
You can obtain a report directly through the York Central Fire Department. The fee is $55.96 including tax.

Public Records Repository
Search our public record repository at for a comprehensive history of the Town's agendas, minutes, by-laws and select policies.

Routine Disclosure
These records are available directly through the department generating the record. For a complete list of records please see the Routine Disclosure Policy. Fees vary by document type and department.

Additional Details

Record Exemptions
Some records are exempt from release. Common exemptions include: information received in confidence by other governments, third parties or solicitors; drafts of records in progress; records about individuals.
Personal Information
You may only request access to your own personal information, or have written consent to access the personal information of another individual.
Request for general or personal information fees

Application Fee


To be paid when you submit your request.

Search Time


Per 15 minutes required to search and retrieve.

Record Preparation


Per 15 minutes required to prepare records.



Per page.

Computer programming


Per 15 minutes needed to develop a program to retrieve information.



Per CD.

Please note: if the fee exceeds $100 a notification and estimate will be sent and a 50% deposit will be required.

 Appealing a Decision

If you decide to appeal a decision to the Information and Privacy Commissioner, please provide the Commissioner's office with:

  1. The number assigned to the request;
  2. A copy of the decision letter; and
  3. A copy of the original request sent to the Town of Aurora.

Appeals to the Commissioner must also be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Fees vary according to the nature of the request being appealed as follows:

  1. $25, if the person appealing has made a request for access to general records under subsection 17(1)
  2. $10, if the person appealing has made a request for access to personal information under subsection 34(1); and
  3. $10, if the person appealing has made a request for correction of personal information under subsection 36(2).


For more information about this process, please contact the Records Management team.