Town of Aurora - Special Events

The Town of Aurora is a vibrant, family-friendly community with numerous special events for residents and visitors throughout the year. We hope you enjoy these awesome events!

Upcoming Special Events

Brought to you by the Town of Aurora.

Christmas Market

Deck the Halls Tour

Menorah Lighting Ceremony

Family First Night

Note: We reserve the right to cancel, amend or change activities.

Accessibility & Sensory Room at Special Events

A sensory room will be available at many of our special events taking place around Town. This space is designed for individual’s sensory processing needs, who can benefit from a safe and calming atmosphere. This will allow individuals, regardless of their ability, to enjoy our events, knowing they have a quiet space to retreat to for a break, as needed.

For more information or to inquire about accessibility at any Town events, please call 905-726-4762 or email Shelley Ware.

Would you like to sponsor an event?

For more information, please visit our Corporate Sponsorship webpage or email Shelley Ware.

Volunteer at Special Events

Find out about Volunteer Opportunities at our Special Events.