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Join us at the Aurora Family Leisure Complex (AFLC) for our fun and family friendly Drop-In Programs that everyone can enjoy. 

group of kids in gymnasium with sports balls


Admission Fees - Family, Youth and Rock Wall Drop-in Activities

$3.00 per person, per visit 

Admission Fees - Adult Drop-in Activities

$4.00 per person, per visit 

Note: Prices effective January 1, 2020. 

Desjardins Days

Free Family Open Gym and Youth Basketball activities one day per month! See website for details. 

Drop-In Programs - Schedules

AFLC Drop-In program schedules are available on a seasonal basis.

  • Note: Recreation programs and drop-ins have been cancelled until further notice. 
Skate Park - Supervised Hours

Every Sunday from April to November (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.), a member of the Town of Aurora program team will be on-site to supervise use of the Skate Park, to ensure appropriate behaviour and provide first-aid care as needed. Supervised hours are weather permitting and subject to change.

Note - Supervised Skate Park hours have currently ended for the season and will resume in April 2020. 

Spirit of Math Rock Climbing Wall
Frequently Asked Questions
I want to climb the Rock Wall – what do I need to do?
Visit the Customer Service Desk at the Aurora Family Leisure Complex. Staff will ask participants fill out a new Rock Climbing Permission/Waiver Form and pay the regular drop-in rate. If participants are under 18 years of age, the form requires the signatures of a valid parent/guardian. Once the form has been completely filled out and checked by staff, participants will receive a hand stamp verifying a valid waiver and payment. Participants can then proceed to the wall where Program Staff will assist them in using the Rock Climbing wall.

How many times do I need to fill out a waiver?
Participants are required to fill out a waiver once every 365 days. When a participants' renewal deadline is approaching, Customer Service staff will alert them and ask the participant to complete a new waiver before using the Rock Wall.

I don't have an ActiveNet account – can I still climb the Rock Wall?
Staff will use the information participants provide on the Permission/Waiver form to create a new ActiveNet account.

I don't want an ActiveNet account – can I still climb the Rock Wall?
Permission/Waiver forms are tracked through ActiveNet accounts in order to more efficiently track the annual renewal process for customers. If participants do not wish to have an ActiveNet account they will be required to complete a new waiver each time they climb the wall.

Is there a cost to fill out the Rock Climbing waiver?
There is no cost to complete or renew a Rock Climbing Permission/Waiver form. The only cost associated with the Rock Wall is the drop-in fee of $3.00 per visit.

Why do I (and my parents/guardians, if necessary) have to sign both sides of the waiver?
The first page of the form is a permission form and the second side is the waiver. Both pages are necessary for individuals to climb the wall.

What is a valid parent/guardian? Can an 18 year old fill out the form for their sibling? Can a friend's parent or grandparent fill out the form?
A valid parent/guardian is the person or people who have legal custody or guardianship of an individual.
Permission/Waiver Form

All Rock Climbing participants are required to complete a Permission/Waiver form. A new form is required annually (every 365 days), and will be tracked through each participant's ActiveNet account. All forms are processed at the AFLC Customer Service Desk at time of Drop-In payment.

Rock Climbing - Permission/Waiver Form