Whether you are new to town, moving, starting a business or doing some digging, knowing who your utility providers are is important.


Electricity in Aurora is provided by Alectra Utilities.

Water and sewer

Water and sewer services in Aurora are provided by the Town. ​​​​​​​​​​Water and sewer billings are issued quarterly (4 times per year) for residential accounts and bi-monthly for non-residential accounts. The billings are based on water consumed as registered on your water meter. For more information visit our Water and Sewer Billing page.

Natural gas

Gas in Aurora is provided by Enbridge Gas.

Power outages

Electrical power and related services in The Town of Aurora are provided by Alectra Utilities.

Please do not contact the Town to report power outages or request information regarding repairs and timelines.

To report a power outage or electrical emergency contact Alectra Utilities directly.

Power Outages (24/7): 1-877-963-6900
Customer Service: 1-877-963-6900
​Website: www.alectrautilities.com/
Twitter: @AlectraNews