Deck Construction General Requirements

Designer qualification and registration requirements

Homeowners submitting designs for their own residence are exempt from qualification and registration requirement, however, individuals and agencies providing design services to the public have to meet the qualification and registration requirements set out by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. You can confirm the qualification and registration status of your designer by referring to the Ministry's online qualification and registration system (QUARTs). 

Zoning requirements

In order to obtain your building permit, your proposed deck construction must comply with all provisions of The Town of Aurora Zoning Bylaw. Please note that decks less than 2 feet above finished grade do not require a permit. However, they must comply with the zoning requirements.

For more information about zoning requirements please visit the zoning bylaw webpage or contact (365) 500-2081.

Application requirements
  • Completed Buildings Permit Application Form
  • The most recent copy of site plan for the property showing dimensions of all existing buildings and structures, and their setbacks. The proposed deck is to be plotted on the site plan and setback dimensions to all property lines are required to be shown thereon. (See Sample Site Plan in the Deck Construction Guide)
  • Construction drawings including framing plan, elevation, section and details. The attached template drawing and details can be used instead of construction drawings providing all required dimensions and information are shown on the Deck Framing Plan found in the Deck Construction Guide).
  • Registered Maintenance Easement documentation* (where applicable)
  • Payable at time of application by cheque, cash, debit or credit card
  • All applications are to be submitted electronically
Mandatory inspections

It is the owner's/contractor's responsibility to provide notice of readiness for inspections at prescribed stages of construction. There are two mandatory inspections for residential deck projects: prior to backfilling foundations (piers) and after completion of project.

To Arrange an inspection:

  1. As a registered user, you can schedule an inspection(s) through Portal.
  2. Email you request to our building division or call 905-726-4778
Call before you dig

Everyone is required to have underground utilities located and marked before doing any kind of digging. You can request locates for underground infrastructure by contacting Ontario One Call.

It is important to find out what is underground before starting a project, because damaging buried utilities is dangerous. If a utility is damaged, it could be harmful for the person digging and essential services such as electricity, telephone or water could be interrupted.

Download the Deck Construction Guide