The Town of Aurora welcomes and encourages residents of all abilities to have equitable and meaningful access to recreation opportunities. This is accomplished through specialized programming, individualized support options and accessible facilities for patrons with disabilities or unique needs. 

Integrated Opportunities

Participants requiring extra support can either:

1. Attend a program with their own support person; or

2. Attend a program with a 1:1 Inclusion Support Worker provided by the Town of Aurora (additional hourly cost applies).

Participants require additional support if:

  • They have extra support at school or at home;
  • A physical, medical, or developmental/learning disability exists that affects the safety of others;
  • Extra support is required at home for basic care such as dressing and toileting;
  • The individual is currently associated with a support agency or program; or
  • There are challenging behaviours to be managed. 
Registered Programs with 1:1 Support

How to Register

1. Find a suitable program;

2. Contact the Community Programmer to discuss support options and complete intake process;

3. Register for the program;

4. The Community Programmer will confirm registration.

Chiara Mabrucco - Community Programmer

905-727-3123 ext. 3528

Mediator Pass - Drop-in Programs

Support workers are welcome to attend recreation programs. Mediator Passes allow individuals who require support to be accompanied by a mediator in our Aquatics, Fitness, Gymnasium Drop-ins and pay-as-you-go activities without additional costs to the Mediator. 

To obtain a mediator pass, please visit the Customer Service desk at either the Aurora Family Leisure Complex or the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex.

Adapted Opportunities

The Town of Aurora offers specialized programs specifically designed for participants with special needs. These adapted programs have smaller staff to participant ratios, modified instruction, and an overall more sensory aware environment.

Adapted Programs - PlayAbility

NEW! Coming Fall 2020 

Participants of all abilities are welcomed into this adapted stay and play program specifically designed for children with physical and intellectual disabilities. A 1:3 staff to participant ratio will be provided. 


Ages: 4 to 7
Focus on development of gross motor skills, a variety of movement skills, turn taking and sharing.

Start date: Sunday, October 4, 2020
Time: 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Fee: $95 for 8 classes
Course Code: 18672
Location: Aurora Family Leisure Complex

Age: 8 to 12
Focus on building and strengthening social skills with peers, physical activity and appropriate play.

Start date: Wednesday, October 4, 2020
Time: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Fee: $95 for 8 sessions
Course Code:
Location: Aurora Family Leisure Complex

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at all Town owned and operated facilities.


Chiara Mabrucco - Community Programmer

905-727-3123 ext. 3528

Register Online

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