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Geocaching is an invigorating activity for those who love adventure and the great outdoors. In an effort to stay active, try geocaching in Aurora. Geocaches will be launched bi-weekly this winter! If you are a seasoned geocacher, then you know what to do.

If you are new to geocaching, it is a worldwide treasure hunt where participants use a Global Positioning System to find the marked destination. Please check out this introduction video with valuable information on Geocaching 101. We hope you will give this exciting activity a try and get your family involved in the fun.

Your New Journey is Only 3 Steps Away

  1. Create a login for Geocaching. All you need is an email address and a password, then the world of treasure hunting will be at your fingertips.
  2. Look for the specific geocache which will be launched each week with its name.
  3. Gather the family and your trusty phone for navigation, then sign into the site, search the geocache and go on your adventure to find it.

Town of Aurora Geocaches to Find

Image of geocache

Good Luck! If you have questions regarding this Stay Active initiative, please email Shelley Ware.