The Town of Aurora currently has five registered Ratepayers Associations. To find your local Ratepayers Association, use the interactive map below.

 Ratepayer Association Map
 Ratepayers Association Map

 List of Ratepayer Associations

Registration and Renewal

Groups must register as a Ratepayers Association to be listed above and submit a renewal annually after their Annual General Meeting. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ratepayers Association?
A Ratepayers Association is a group of residents and/or land owners within a geographically bounded area that come together to address issues affecting their neighbourhood.
Is there a Ratepayers Association in my area? How do I join?
You can find your Ratepayers Association by using the search function and typing in your address in our Interactive Ratepayers Association Map. A list of all registered Ratepayers Associations, including contact information, can be found above.

Getting Started

How do I register a new Ratepayers Association? What are the requirements?

Before registering as a Ratepayers Association, please review the Town's Ratepayers Association Policy.

To register as a Ratepayers Association with the Town, the following requirements must be met:

  • Election of a formal executive team;
  • Representation of no less than 10 households, or contain a membership of at least 20 persons; and
  • Submission of a completed Town of Aurora Ratepayers Association Registration Application including a list of all members and a map outlining the boundaries of the Ratepayers Association to the Town of Aurora.

Fill out the Ratepayers Association Registration Form.

Is registration with the Town required?
Registration with the Town is not required, but includes benefits such as:
  • Recognition as a Ratepayer Association to speak on behalf of their membership at Council and Committee meetings;
  • Listing in the Town Resident's Guide, Town website and any other Town material containing Ratepayers information; and
  • Based on availability, and in accordance with the Town Room-Hall Permitting Policy and/or any other applicable policies, provision of meeting room space for one meeting per year at no cost.
How large can the catchment area of my Ratepayers Association be?
The Town recommends that the catchment area of a Ratepayers Association be no larger than a concession block. The Town Clerk reserves the right to ask associations to modify their boundaries should they be larger than this.
How do I name my Ratepayers Association?
The name should reflect the area or purpose of your Ratepayers Association. For example:
  • Town Hall Area Ratepayers Association
  • Ratepayers of Town Hall
Can there be more than one Ratepayers Association in my area?
Yes, there can be overlapping Ratepayers Associations. Residents can be a member of more than one Ratepayers Association.
Does my Ratepayers Association need a constitution and by-laws?
No, your Ratepayers Association does not require a constitution and by-laws to be registered with the Town, but is a common practice amongst large Ratepayers Associations.
Is the Town involved with the administration of my Ratepayers Association?
No, other than the process of registering with the Town, the Town is not involved with the administration of any Ratepayers Associations.
What is an AGM? How many meetings do I need to have per year?
An AGM, or Annual General Meeting, is a general meeting held once a year to confirm the executive and membership of your Ratepayers Association. There is no meeting requirement for registration with the Town other than an AGM.

Existing Ratepayers Associations

When do I have to renew my Ratepayers Association registration?
Ratepayers Association renewals are due within one year of your last Annual General Meeting (AGM).
How do I renew my Ratepayers Association membership with the Town? What are the requirements?
To renew your registration as a Ratepayers Association with the Town, the following requirements must be met:
  • Have held one meeting in the preceding 12 month period;
  • Election a formal executive team;
  • Representation not less than 10 households, or contain a membership of at least 20 persons; and
  • Submission of a completed Town of Aurora Ratepayers Association Renewal Form, confirming requirements have been met; and
  • Submission of an updated membership list, upon request, to the Town of Aurora.

To renew your Ratepayers Association status with the Town, please fill out the Ratepayers Association Renewal Form.

How do I book a room?
To book a room at a Town facility, please see the Town's Facility Booking Webpage. If you are booking on behalf of your Ratepayers Association, please be sure to mention it at the time of booking.
How do I disband my Ratepayers Association?
If the executive and the membership agree that there is no longer need for a Ratepayers Association or if their mandate has been fulfilled, they can agree to disband. If your Ratepayers Association has decided to disband, please contact the Clerks Division so Town records can be updated.

Town Meetings

Where can I find a copy of the Town's agendas and minutes? When are they published?

Agendas and minutes can be found on the Town's Agendas and Minutes page. As outlined in the Town's Procedure By-law, the posting schedule is as follows:

General Committee – Agenda published one week prior to the meeting date
Public Planning – Agenda published one week prior to the meeting date
Council – Agenda published on Thursday prior to the meeting date

From time to time, agendas may not go out on the specified date due to holidays or other circumstances. Special meetings may have a different publishing schedule.

Minutes do not have a set publishing schedule, but are generally available within one week after the meeting date.

Can my Ratepayers Association be notified if a specific topic will be discussed by Council at a meeting?
Yes, any residents including Ratepayers Associations can be notified when specific reports are published sending a request to the Clerks Department.
How can my Ratepayers Association participate at meetings?
To find more information about how you can participate, please visit the Town's Public Participation Webpage.

Other Information

How do I request Town records that are not publicly available?
To access most Town records, a Freedom of Information request is required. More information can be found on the Town's FOI Webpage.
How does my Ratepayers Association appeal a Planning decision?
For information on appeals, please visit the Ontario Land Tribunal site. Note that there are no third-party appeal rights for Committee of Adjustment decisions.
What is incorporation? How do I incorporate my Ratepayers Association?
The Town of Aurora does not provide advice on Local Planning Appeal Tribunal appeals or anything related to incorporation.


Ratepayers Association Policy

Ratepayers Association Registration Form

Ratepayers Association Renewal Form