Water and wastewater billings are issued quarterly (four times per year) for residential accounts and bi-monthly for non-residential accounts. The bills are based on water consumed as registered on your water meter. The water meter can be read directly by the Town contractor from outside the home by touching equipment to an outdoor reading device which is connected to the meter in your basement. No adjustment to the wastewater charge is made for water which is used outside for pools, garden or lawn maintenance or washing, as this difference is averaged in our rate calculations for all consumers.

The Pre-Authorized Water Payment Plan offers you the option of worry-free payments, even if you are away for an extended period of time. To register, please complete the Pre-Authorized Water and Wastewater Payment Plan Registration Form.

Purchasing/Selling a Property

  • If you are selling a property and are currently signed up for Pre-Authorized Water and Wastewater Payments, please complete this cancellation form:
  • If you are purchasing a property and would like to sign up for Pre-Authorized Water and Wastewater Payments, please complete the registration form:

 Renting your Property

  • If you are a property owner and are renting your property, please complete this form:
  • If your current tenant is registered for Pre-Authorized Water and Wastewater payments, please have them complete the following cancellation form:
  • If your new tenants would like to register for Pre-Authorized Water and Wastewater Payments, please have them complete this registration form:

 Meter Readings

The Town's meters installed in all properties register accurate water consumption and are designed to under-register water as the meter ages and wears. Eventually the meter must be replaced, which is completed by the Town at the Town's expense. The meter reading is much like the odometer in your car; we read it each time, and bill the difference from the last-billed reading.​

The meter reading captured electronically by the Town rounds down the meter reading to units of 10,000 liters, or otherwise, depending on the pipe size of the actual meter installed. Accordingly, our billings will reflect these large even measurements, despite detailed readings actually appearing on your meter. This is similar to reporting to your mechanic that your car has 76,000 km on it, when the dial shows 76,320 km. The amount unbilled at one reading will be picked up by the Town on its next reading. All billings are billed to the cubic meter.


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