​​The Town of Aurora offers pre-authorized payment plans. Property owners can pay their municipal taxes in 11 monthly installments or on the installment due dates. Also available is a 12-month payment/arrears plan. This payment plan is in place to assist taxpayers who may be in arrears and who wish to make monthly payments.​ The payments are automatically withdrawn from your financial institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the payment plan work?

The Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan offers you the option of worry-free payments, even if you are away for an extended period of time. Postal strikes or vacation time will no longer cause concern. Simply complete the Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan Application Form and return it along with a VOID cheque and we'll do the rest.

How much will my monthly payments be?

You will be notified of the amount of your monthly payments. Your financial institution will deduct your first payment on the last business day of January.

Will my monthly payment change?

Yes. Your monthly payments from June to November will reflect the tax adjustment required to account for the change in tax rates.

What if there's not enough money in my account on the due date?

Many financial institutions offer an overdraft protection service. You may wish to contact your bank for more information.

What if I miss a payment?

If more than one payment is dishonoured by your​​ bank for any reason, your enrolment in the Plan may be cancelled and your tax account will revert to the regular installment system. Your tax account will be subject to the standard penalty charges. A service fee will be applied to your account in response to the returned payment.​

Is the Plan confidential and safe?

Yes. The Town's bank handles all of the payment transactions. Access to your account is limited solely to the withdrawal of monthly tax payment funds as authorized. Account information regarding balances and other transactions is not available to the Town.

What if I sell my property?

Simply notify the Town's Corporate & Financial Services department in writing, as soon as possible, stating the closing date of the sale. We will ensure that deductions stop at the appropriate time. We do require at least fourteen (14) days notice.

What is the 11 month plan?

Your monthly tax payments will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account starting on the last business day in January, with the 11th and final payment on the last business day in November. An adjustment for your June and subsequent payments will be made to settle your taxes in full by the end of November. There will be no withdrawal for the month of December. There is no need to re-enroll; each year you're automatically taken care of for every year until you decide to withdraw from the Plan.

What is the installment plan?

Your tax payments will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account on the installment due date for its entire value. There is no need to re-enroll each year; you're automatically taken care of for every year until you decide to cancel.

What is the arrears plan?

Your monthly tax payments will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account to decrease your amount owing. A penalty is applied on a monthly basis at the rate of 1 ¼ % on the unpaid amount until the arrears are paid. The pre-determined amount is withdrawn until the account is up-to-date.

Can I withdraw from the Plan?

Yes. To withdraw, at any time you may send a written request to the Town of Aurora's Corporate & Financial Services department stating your decision to cancel, and your tax account will revert to the regular installment billing system. Your written request must be received at least fourteen (14) days prior to the next scheduled payment. Notice of less than fourteen (14) days may not be accommodated.

How do I join?

Simply complete the registration form and return it with a void cheque to the Town of Aurora, Corporate & Financial Services department.​


Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan Application Form

Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan Cancellation Form

Bank Information Change Form