The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for providing effective administrative services to three primary groups – Council, staff and the public.

The responsibilities of the department include overseeing municipal operations, providing pro-active corporate communications and ensuring Council's priorities and strategic directions are achieved.

Our purpose is to ensure the effective, efficient and safe delivery of services to the community as prescribed by law and mandated by Council in support of the Town's vision and expectations for residents, business owners and other community stakeholders. Our ambition is to build a more effective, efficient and resilient organization that meets the needs of Aurora's present and future stakeholders.

The Municipal Act sets out the statutory responsibilities of the CAO:

  1. Exercising general control and management of the affairs of the municipality for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective operation of the municipality;
  2. Performing such other duties as are assigned by the municipality.

The Office of the CAO acts as a liaison between Council and staff and is responsible for coordinating the development of business plans that help inform the municipal budget.

The Town of Aurora's corporate vision is to be recognized as a respected and progressive municipal administrative organization. 

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