​​​​​The Corporate Communications division is responsible for providing positive, constructive and accurate stakeholder communications. Our goal  is to provide informed, timely and accurate communication services to the public, employees, media and other audiences.

The Corporate Communications division is responsible for:

  • Providing strategic and corporate communications planning, project management and media relations support to Town staff, the Mayor and Members of Council.

  • Assisting Town staff the Mayor and Members of Council in informing the public about programs, services and emerging issues of interest and encouraging community participation in municipal government.

  • Researching and co-ordinating information, designing and developing Town publications and products and advising Town departments, for the purpose of supporting the development and marketing of programs, services, facilities, policies and priorities.

  • Governing the Town's corporate identity standards and managing the Town's website and social media feeds.

For general communications or marketing inquiries, please email communica​tions@aurora.ca