Delegations at Electronic Meetings

At this time, the Municipal Offices are closed and meetings are being held electronically in accordance with recent amendments to the Municipal Act. Meetings will be live streamed on our YouTube channel

Residents who would like to comment on an agenda item are encouraged to:

  • Provide written correspondence to be emailed to Council and staff privately; or
  • Provide written correspondence to be published as part of the agenda; or
  • Delegate electronically as part of a meeting.

All written submissions (500 words maximum) should be sent to, and will be reviewed by the Town Clerk and CAO to determine appropriateness prior to being published on the Agenda. Please note that some parts of your written submission may be redacted in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Delegates who wish to appear as part of an electronic meeting must complete and submit a Electronic Delegation Request Form to Electronic meetings are held using Zoom meeting software, and participants may connect by audio and/or video connection or by phone. Once the Form has been received and approved, staff will provide further instructions for the meeting. Each Delegate will have a maximum of five (5) minutes to speak.

All delegation protocols and submission deadlines as outlined in the Town’s Procedure By-law, as amended, apply.  

System requirements for Zoom can be found at this link.

 Delegations and Community Presentations

A delegation is a formal address to an advisory committee, standing committee, or Council, regarding a subject that is within the jurisdiction or influence of local government. We encourage all delegates to appear before the appropriate committee prior to appearing before Council. Click here to find a list of our advisory and standing committees.

Anyone wishing to delegate before a Committee or Council must complete the Delegation Request form. All supporting materials, such as PowerPoint presentations and photos, must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. on the Friday prior to the requested meeting date for review by Legislative Services. 

Please be aware that the Town of Aurora Procedure By-law permits five (5) minutes for Delegations and, where there is more than one person delegating on the same issue, there shall be a designated spokesperson who shall have five (5) minutes.

How to Submit a Delegation Request 

To submit a delegation or presentation request to the Clerk's office, please complete the fillable ​PDF version of ​the Delegation Request Form and ​email it to or mail/deliver in person to:

Deputy Town Clerk, Legislative Services
100 John West Way
Aurora, Ontario L4G 6J1
Phone: (905) 727-3123 ext. 4224
Fax: (905) 726-4732

Delegation Procedures

When addressing Council/Committees or answering a question, regardless of where the question came from, you should always address your comments to the Chairperson. This helps maintain order in the meeting.

Meetings held in the Council Chambers use a microphone system. When addressing Council/Committees or answering a question, regardless of where the question came from, always use the microphone.

If you are presenting drawings, documents or a PowerPoint presentation that you wish to display, you are required to provide the presentation to Legislative Services by 4:30 p.m. the Friday before the meeting you will be attending. If you require information regarding the presentation equipment in the Council Chambers, please contact the Deputy Town Clerk by phone at 905-727-3123 ext. 4224 or by email to

If you wish to share information with Council members, but do not wish to appear before Committee or Council, correspondence can be circulated to Council Members ( or through Legislative Services (
Petitions may be submitted to the Town Clerk and must include a minimum of two (2) persons and their respective addresses, and a clear statement of purpose for the petition. The request conveyed in the petition will be considered by General Committee. For more information regarding the Petition submission process, please see the Town's Procedures for Petitions Policy.
 Ask Us for Advice
If you would like assistance or would like advice on participation, please contact the Deputy Town Clerk by phone at 905-727-3123 ext. 4224 or by email to