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Green and Growing: Aurora's Green Development Standards 

What are Green Development Standards?

The Town of Aurora has been undertaking the development of a Green Development Standards (GDS) program to promote environmentally conscious development and commit to a greener and more sustainable future. The GDS sets expectations for high-performance buildings, community connectivity, and promotes access to low or zero carbon options through a series of requirements related to energy, ecology, water, complete communities and building materials waste diversion. Beginning on July 1, 2022, Town staff will begin applying the GDS review on all new development applications. 

How Does Aurora Measure Green Development Performance? 

The Town's Green Development Standards are developed on five areas of focus; Energy, Ecology, Water, Complete Communities, and Building Materials. Based on these five areas, and municipal best practice review, a series of criteria have been developed to measure green development performance. 

There are two tiers of criteria used to assess a project. The first tier includes a set of mandatory minimum requirements, with tier 2 having more rigorous requirements but allows for applicants to choose a minimum two of five options (in most cases). The applicant will be required to submit a GDS performance form, which will be assessed in order to measure green performance when submitting a new development application.  A comprehensive handbook has been developed which details the complete requirement information and outlines the submission process. 

Through an online form, applicants will be able to assess their GDS scores and submit their form along with other required materials during the planning review process. 

What Types of Development Does The GDS apply to? 

The GDS applies to most new development applications including residential, commercial and institutional land uses where a plan of subdivision application containing at least 5 units, or, a major site plan application is proposed. 

For any questions, please contact the Town's Planning Department.