Building Code Review & Inspections is responsible for the review of all application plans and documents. Building Inspectors and Examiners perform various on-site inspections to verify compliance with the Ontario Building Code and other related standards and bylaws.

These reviews and approvals are meant to ensure that the minimum construction standards established by the Ontario Building Code have been met to protect the health, safety and welfare of both inhabitants and users of buildings.

Application Forms

Permit and inspection fees list

Book an inspection

To schedule an inspection, please call 905-726-4778 or email

To book a swimming pool or hot tub inspection, please call 905-727-1375 ext. 4240 or email

Please provide the information found on your permit placard including:

  • Permit Number
  • Project location (lot and plan number or municipal address)
  • Type of inspection you are requesting
  • Contact name and phone number

Inspection requests made by 4 p.m. will be scheduled for the following business day. Inspection requests made after 4 p.m. will be scheduled for two business days.

If you are requesting an inspection for a particular day, please schedule your request by indicating your preferred date.

Please note: Same day inspections are not available and specific times can only be accommodated by making arrangements with the inspector on the day of the scheduled inspection.

When are permits not required?

Projects that do not require a building permit must still comply with the requirements of the Town of Aurora Zoning By-law and if applicable, the Ontario Building Code.


  • Wooden decks (including pool decks) with no roof, where the finished deck level is not greater than 0.6 metres (2’) above adjacent finished grade either attached for detached to a structure.
  • Constructing a detached accessory building that has an area of 10 sq. metres or less and contains no plumbing. Note: the location, height, etc. is regulated by the Town’s Zoning By-law.
  • Erect a fence, other than a pool enclosure fence. Compliance with the Town’s Fence By-law is required. Note: Building permits are required to erect a pool enclosure fence in accordance with the fence By-law.
  • Open slot wood roof joist with no sheathing or roof covering placed on the narrow edge not closer than 12 inches on centre.
  • Skylights installed in a single family, semi-detached or townhouse dwelling units, provided no structural members are cut or altered.
  • Re-cladding with non-combustible material excluding brick or stone veneer.
  • Re-insulating or adding insulation.
  • Window or door replacement providing the opening is not enlarged or altered.
  • Furnace and boiler replacements, add on cooling systems, gas fireplaces, air cleaners and in-line humidifiers installed in single family, semi-detached and townhouse dwelling units. +
  • Repair or replacement of plumbing fixtures and/or appliances.
  • Replacement of kitchen and bathroom cupboards without plumbing work.
  • Re-roofing using similar materials except where structural work is involved.
  • Finish basements where there are no structural alteration or additional sleeping accommodations proposed. Not all proposed plumbing requires a plumbing permit.
  • Canopy/storm porch enclosure where the roof is existing, enclosing not more than 5.0 square metres of floor area.
  • Minor repairs such as installation of chimney caps, chimney linter and repointing of brick work,
  • Installation of counters, millwork and floor finishing.
  • Repair of leaking foundations where there is no structural work involved.
  • Emergency drain repair.
  • Temporary tents not more than 60 sq. metres in aggregate ground area, not attached to a building and minimum 30 metres from other structures.

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