The Town's Updated Official Plan was adopted by Council in January of 2024. It is now being reviewed by the Region of York, as the upper tier approval authority.

The adopted Updated Official Plan is available here: 

Updated Official Plan - Adopted January 2024 

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About the Official Plan Review

Aurora is growing. Our population as of mid 2019 is approximately 62,800 people, and is expected to reach about 79,000 people by 2041. In order to plan for and accommodate this growth, we are reviewing and updating our current Official Plan.

The Official Plan is one of the Town's primary tools to direct the actions of local government, shape development decisions and manage growth in the short and long- term.

The Official Plan Review will look at:

  • How residential and employment growth will occur and where;
  • How to enhance and promote complete, vibrant and healthy communities;
  • How to plan for the impacts of climate change and meet climate change and environmental targets;
  • How to promote, enhance and protect our stable neighbourhoods and heritage assets;
  • How people and goods move in and out of Aurora;
  • How to promote, protect and enhance natural areas and green spaces;
  • Conform with provincial and regional policies; and,
  • Align with municipal objectives for providing municipal service to meet the needs of a growing community.

See the Town of Aurora Official Plan (2021 consolidation)

Report to General Committee

A Staff Report was presented to General Committee introducing the Official Plan review on December 3, 2019.

The report recommends that Staff give public notice for a Special Meeting of Council to initiate the Official Plan Review. The report also recommends that Staff come back to the Committee following the Special Meeting of Council with a summary of the feedback received through the public consultation process to inform the development of a work program. 

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