The Policy Planning and Economic Develpment division is responsible for the coordination of:

  • Economic Development
  • Geographic Informaton Services
  • Policy Development
  • Strategic Planning

The Policy Planning and Economic Development division takes a lead read in research, data collection, policy development and review in the areas of strategic planning, growth management and land use planning.

The division is also responsible for the development, monitoring and reporting on the Town's Strategic Plan and leads property sales and aquisitions.

With Development Planners, the division is responsible for initiating, developing and implmenting streetscape plans, policies and guidelines.

The division coordinates economic development functions for the Town and includes supporting a health business environment to help attract new businesses and repsponds to the needs of the business community. 

 Geographic Information Services

Geographic Information services uses geography to intergrate information and communicate ideas through maps and manages the Town's authoritative special data and provides corresponding analysis, products, services and technology.

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Strategic Planning

This division is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the Town's Strategic Plan. 

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