The Town of Aurora and their Consultants Sierra Planning & Management have prepared a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Aurora Promenade Area. 

The CIP incentive programs were developed in consultation with the general public and local business and property owners. The CIP was designed to promote private property investment in the Aurora Promenade to help achieve the vision and objectives for the area as outlined in the 2010 Town of Aurora Official Plan and Aurora Promenade Urban Design Strategy.

The seven incentive programs contained in the CIP are:

  1. Façade & Signage Improvement Grant Program
  2. Building Restoration, Renovation and Improvement Program
  3. Development Charge Grant Program
  4. Tax-based Redevelopment Grant Program
  5. Heritage Property Tax Relief Program
  6. Environmental Site Assessment Grant Program
  7. Environmental Remediation Tax Assistance Program

What is a Community Improvement Plan (CIP)?

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a vehicle for facilitating revitalization and redevelopment efforts in a defined area(s). A CIP is a tool available to municipalities under Section 28 of the Planning Act that allows municipalities to establish grants, loans and other programs to encourage private sector investment in development and renovation projects which seek to improve areas in accordance with local goals and priorities.

How can the CIP help business and property owners?​

Private property owners and businesses can take advantage of the financial incentive programs contained in CIPs to achieve a range of community improvement goals such as improving property façades and redeveloping property.

​For additional information on CIPs, please refer to the Community Improvement Planning Handbook, 2008 prepared by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.​

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