The Town of Aurora permits outdoor swim schools to operate as a home occupation, on a site specific basis. To submit an application to operate a backyard swim school, please follow the below process:


Step 1. Submit application for Minor Variance to the Committee of Adjustment with appropriate drawings and pay application fee of $250.

The Planning Act [S. 45 (9)] provides the Committee with the authority to grant minor variances subject to any conditions the Committee deems necessary. Conditions of approval may be recommended by Town staff after review of the application or they may be imposed by Committee at the hearing to address concerns raised by applicants etc. Examples of possible conditions that may be imposed on a minor variance to approve a outdoor swim school include: a limit on the months and hours of operation, maximum number of students and/or employees, hours of operation, inspections, proof of insurance, etc.

Step 2. Attend Committee of Adjustment meeting for decision.

Step 3. If Minor Variance is approved, contact By-law Services for inspection process:

  • Inspection of the property to ensure the swimming pool and enclosure are in compliance with the Town’s Fence By-law.
  • Proof of Qualifications & Insurance
  • Waiver
  • A plan to support parking (parents picking up and dropping off kids)
  • Prepare COVID-19 Safety Plan

Step 4. Start Swim School!


For more information, please contact:

Brashanthe Manoharan,