The Town of Aurora establishes by-laws to manage activities and provide a safe and livable community. These by-laws regulate, prohibit or impose a variety of requirements, and enforcement is undertaken where necessary to obtain compliance with Town regulations.

Some of the core operational functions of this division include animal licensing and control, parking control, property standards, business licensing and mobile vendor licensing.

The most frequently viewed regulatory by-laws are listed below. To search or browse a complete list of by-laws visit the Town of Aurora's record repository. If you require additional information, please contact the By-law Services division at 905-727-3123 ext. 4240 or by email.

Frequently Requested By-laws
By-law NameLast
Animal services to regulate various matters relating to the keeping, licensing, and controlling of animals. Visit the Animal Services page for more details. Jul 26, 2019     
Aurora Farmers Market and Artisans Fair to provide for establishing, maintaining, operating and regulating the Aurora Farmers Market and Artisans Fair. Jun 26, 2018
Backflow prevention to regulate cross connections and backflow prevention in private plumbing systems to protect the drinking water system from contamination. Oct 22, 2019
Building respecting construction, demolition, change of use, and other building permits. Jun 26, 2018
Clean communities to require owners and occupiers of land to clean, clear, and maintain private land and right of ways (repeals By-law Nos. 4738-05.P and 4754-05.P). May 26, 2020
Development charges to establish development charges for the Town and repeal Development Charges By-law No. 5585-14. Visit the Development Charges page for more details. Jun 22, 2021
Fees and charges to establish a schedule of fees and charges for municipal services, activities and the use of property. Visit the Fees and Service Charges page for more details. Nov 24, 2020
Fence (consolidated) for prescribing the height and description of lawful fences, including privately-owned outdoor pool enclosure requirements. Jun 12, 2018
Fences, division (cost sharing) to apportion the cost of division fences. Dec 13, 2005
Firearms to regulate and/or prohibit the use of certain weapons. Dec 13, 2005
Fires, outdoor burning to regulate outdoor burning. Jul 21, 2009
Fireworks (consolidated) to prohibit and regulate the sale and setting off of fireworks. Nov 22, 2011
Highway occupancy and encroachment to regulate occupancy, fouling, construction and encroachments on highways. Dec 14, 2020
Licensing (consolidated) to regulate licensing of business establishments. Jun 25, 2019
Noise to regulate and prohibit the causing of noise. May 9, 2006
Parking (amended) to regulate parking and traffic. Oct 13, 2021
Parkland cash-in-lieu to require land or cash-in-lieu thereof for park or other public recreational purposes as a condition of the development or redevelopment of land. Jun 26, 2001
Parks and property for the use, regulation and government of parks and public places. Dec 13, 2005
Procedure (consolidated) to govern the proceedings of Council and Committee meetings.
May 26, 2020
Procurement to define the procurement policies and procedures. May 8, 2018
Property standards (consolidated) for prescribing standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property. Visit the Property Standards page for more information. Feb 26, 2013
Sewer use to regulate the discharges and connections to the municipal sewage system. Jun 11, 2013
Sign (consolidated) respecting signs within Town. Mar 26, 2019
Site alteration to regulate the removal of topsoil, the placing or dumping of fill and the alteration of the grade of land. Dec 10, 2019
Smoking to prohibit the smoking of tobacco, cannabis, and non-tobacco substances in prescribed locations. Nov 12, 2019
Taxation to set and levy the rates of taxation for the year 2021. May 25, 2021
Tree protection, private to prohibit and/or regulate the injury or destruction of trees on private property. May 24, 2016
Vacant building registry to regulate vacant buildings within Town. Jul 24, 2018
Ward electoral system to establish ward boundaries for the Town of Aurora (effective for the 2022 municipal election). Jul 14, 2020
Waste collection for the collection of solid waste and recyclable materials.
Jul 29, 2014
Water, harmonized watering (outdoor use) to regulate the supply and use of water within serviced area. Mar 25, 2003
Water service to provide for the maintenance and operation of a Municipal Waterworks Distribution System. Mar 30, 2021
Zoning to prohibit and regulate the use of land, buildings and structures. Jun 27, 2017

Consolidated By-laws

Consolidated By-laws include all amendments made to a by-law since its enactment. Consolidated by-laws are provided for reference only. If there are any discrepancies between the consolidation and the By-law(s), the By-law(s) shall prevail.