Before you install a hot tub or pool, please review the below guides to ensure the safety requirements of the Town are met. There are permit requirements for in-ground, above-ground pools and blow-up/temporary pool kits.

Application Forms

Next Steps:

Portal Submission

  1. Go to Portal
  2. Create an account
  3. Follow the steps to apply and pay for your application

Email Submission

  1. Send complete application including drawings and application forms to
  2. Payment information will be provided upon receipt of the application

USB Submission

  1. Upload all the permit application and related drawings and documentation on a USB drive.
  2. Bring USB drive to Building Division in person
  3. Provide payment at counter

Any further questions can be directed to the Building Division. Please email or call 365-500-2081


Emptying your pool or hot tub
Help keep Aurora's environment healthy and safe for all.

Pool and spa water is harmful to aquatic life. Pool and spa water contain chemicals like chlorine, bromine, algaecides and salt that help keep the water clear and clean.

While great for pools, hot tubs and spas, these chemicals are harmful to fish and organisms that live in our streams. Help us keep our streams, creeks and Lake Simcoe healthy and full of life. Empty your pool and spa properly!

How to empty pool and spa water correctly

Chlorine pools

Dechlorinate the water from the pool before discharging into the storm sewer system. Avoid discharging on a rainy day, as it will overwhelm the system.

Salt water pools

Discharge into the sanitary system located on your property. It can also be hauled away by a Ministry of the Environment approved water hauler.

Emptying your pool water on the ground

Before emptying large volumes of water, consider the slope and surface of your property and the rate which water is discharged from the pool to ensure it is absorbed in the ground and not running towards your home or your neighbour's property.

Please remember, as the owner of a private swimming pool, hot tub or spa, you (and any pool service provider you hire) have a responsibility and legal obligation to safely maintain and operate in compliance with the Town's Sewer Use By-law, number 5518-13.

Book an inspection for a newly-installed pool or hot tub
  • To book a swimming pool or hot tub inspection, please call 905-727-3123 or email
  • To book a lot grading inspection for the return of your deposit, please call 365-500-3116 or email
  • To book a road inspection for the return of your deposit, please call 365-500-3148 or email