COVID-19 Updates: Visit our COVID-19 webpage for full details and up-to-date information.

Starting March 1, 2021: Recreation facilities will be open for pre-registered programs and drop-in activities. Register online at e-PLAY.

A.F.L.C. & S.A.R.C Pools: Pools will reopen on Monday, March 1 for lane swim and swim lessons.

Service Disruption Notice - S.A.R.C - Therapy Pool: Due to mechanical difficulties, the Therapy Pool at the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex will be unavailable until further notice. We thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.


The Town of Aurora will be implementing new procedures in order to provide safe aquatic programs to the community.

Pools are available at the following locations:

  • Aurora Family Leisure Complex (A.F.L.C.)
  • Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex (S.A.R.C.)

Now Available: Swim Lessons, Lane Swim, Leisure Swim, Aquafit. Pre-registration is required.

Thanks for supporting the Town’s Aquatic programs. Let’s work together to keep our community safe.

What to Expect & How You Can Help (video)

Pre-registration is required. Register online at e-PLAY

Instructions - How to register for Recreation & Aquatics Programs

Instructions - How to register for Drop-In Activities

If you require assistance, please email our Customer Service staff

Swim Participants Should Expect the Following

1. All Lane Swim and Aquafit time slots are set for 60-minute and 45-minute blocks respectively. The Therapy Pool use is only available at the S.A.R.C. and is set for 60-minute blocks.

2. The S.A.R.C. Therapy Pool can now be booked as a separate pool service. For those who only wish to use the S.A.R.C. Therapy Pool, they can reserve and pay for the spot as a separate pool space. There are a total of 4 spots per time block and S.A.R.C. Therapy Pool participants cannot use the Lane Swim pool.

3. The S.A.R.C. Lane Swim participants may only use the S.A.R.C. Therapy Pool as an added feature so as long as there is remaining space available and is not utilized. If the S.A.R.C. Therapy Pool is full with participants who booked in advance, then the Lane Swim participants will not be able to use the S.A.R.C. Therapy Pool.

4. All Lane Swim, Therapy Pool and Aquafit participants will reserve a spot through the Town’s program registration. Register online at e-PLAY

  • Participants are required to set-up a Family Account in advance, and will be required to reserve and pay for the spot online.
  • Participants are asked to go into e-PLAY and search “Pool – Lane Swim”, “Pool – S.A.R.C. Therapy Pool Use” or “Pool – Aquafit”. All aquatic programs require pre-booking at this time. There will be no drop-in option.
  • Participants are allowed to cancel their reserved spot, and request a refund until one hour before the program. No refunds will be provided for late requests or “No Shows”. Please submit all refund requests via email to our Customer Service staff
  • Note: There may be consequences for swim participants who continuously reserve swimming spots and do not attend their reservation spots without cancelling in advance, regardless of payment received.

5. Pool capacities have been reduced to allow the participants to safely maintain physical distancing of 2 metres.

6. Upon registration, swim participants will be asked to complete a COVID-19 self-assessment screening. Upon arrival at the facility, a designated Facility Greeter will check-in participants and confirm the COVID-19 self-assessment screening has not changed since registration. If a participant answered "yes" to one of the COVID-19 screening questions, then they will not be permitted to enter into the facility and participate in the program.

7. Participants are asked to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of the program to check-in. Participants are asked to abide by the following directional flow:

  • A.F.L.C. Pool users: Enter through the main entrance, exit through the back entrance (north doors).
  • S.A.R.C. Pool users: Enter through the main entrance, exit through the pool change room hallway doors (south doors). 

8. Participants will need to abide by the Town’s directional flow in the pool change rooms in an effort to promote physical distancing of 2 metres.

  • Pool users can enter only through the Men’s and Women’s pool change room and cannot travel in opposing directions.
  • The Family change room is available for entry and use where required, however remains the exit for all pool users.
  • Pool users are required to abide by the rules within the Family change room (i.e. no nudity in open spaces, must change within the changing stalls).

9. Participants are asked to bring their personal belongings with them onto the pool deck and place them in a designated area. Note: The Town is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

10. At this time, spectators are not permitted.

11. Locker rental memberships, Pool memberships, and Aquafit memberships will not be reinstated at this time.

  • There is no locker use at this time.

12. Only essential pool equipment will be made available to participants.

  • Participants will not be allowed to access pool equipment on their own in an effort to reduce the risk of contamination.

  • Town staff will assist with providing essential pool equipment to participants.
  • Once the program ends, participants are required to put used pool equipment into a bin for cleaning purposes.

13. The Town will be cleaning and disinfecting the change rooms, showers and washrooms more frequently as per Regional Health requirements.

14. For swim lessons, Aquatic Instructors will do their best to maintain physical distancing through:

  • Instructors will maintain a 2m distance from participants at all times. Instructors may be on the pool deck or in the water while providing instruction.

  • Not using physical manipulation to teach swim skills.
  • As per the Instructions from the Regional Medical Health Officer, Aquatic Instructors are considered “active” when teaching swimming lessons, and are permitted to remove their Face Masks on deck. Aquatic Instructors will not be wearing Face Masks while participating in the water as it is a safety concern.

Here's What You Can Do to Help

1. Participants are required to adhere to all Town policies and procedures as it relates to COVID-19.

  • Remember the rules in place to promote safe programs to all participants.

2. As per recommendations from York Region, participants are required to wear masks or face coverings inside enclosed public spaces, which includes Community Centres.

  • Participants are asked to remove their masks or face coverings only when they are ready to enter the pool, and to put it back on once they get out of the water.
  • The following are exempted from wearing masks or face coverings:
    • People who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons.
    • Children under the age of five.
    • Those who require accommodation in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

3. Participants are encouraged to change into their bathing attire at home prior to arriving into the facility.

4. Participants are encouraged to wear goggles while swimming.

5. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment where possible. Any shared pool equipment from the Town will be cleaned and disinfected between uses.

Temporarily on Pause

The S.A.R.C. Therapy Pool drop-in program is not available until further notice.

Lane Swim, Leisure Swim and Aquafit

The Town of Aurora is pleased to offer Lane Swim, Leisure Swim and Aquafit swim times. Please see list of dates/times. Swim schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact Gregory Peri at the A.F.L.C. or Terri Edwards at the S.A.R.C. 

Pre-registration is required. Register online at e-PLAY

Swim Schedules & How to Register

Public Swim Schedules - Winter 2021 - January 2 to March 12, 2021

Please see swim schedule for dates and times. Pre-registration is required. Swim schedule is subject to change.

How to Register:

  • Go to e-PLAY and click on Register Online.
  • Type Lane Swim or Aquafit into the Search field.
  • Register for date/time of your choosing.


  • When registering on e-PLAY, please ensure you look at all the pages for availability.

STAT Holiday – Family Day: Monday, February 15

  • Please see Holiday Schedule (will be posted shortly).

Lane Swim
  • The A.F.L.C. Spa Pool is not available during the A.F.L.C. Lane Swim
  • The S.A.R.C. Therapy Pool is only available for S.A.R.C. Lane Swim participants during the last 15 minutes of the program.
Leisure Swim
  • The S.A.R.C. Leisure Swim will be offered starting Wednesday, March 24.
  • Leisure Swim participants are expected to self-monitor and maintain physical distancing of 2 metres from other participants at all times.
Aquafit Classes

Please visit our Aquafitness Class Schedules website for up-to-date information and schedules.

Return to Swim - Aquatic Leadership Programs

The Town of Aurora will be providing Aquatic Leadership courses in a blended-learning format. Participants will be able to gain lifesaving knowledge and participate in discussions in a virtual setting with an Instructor, and will participate during the in-person session to gain technical skills and to complete their summative evaluation. For course availability, please email Terri Edwards at the S.A.R.C.

As we reopen community centres during COVID-19, the following processes are in place:

  • COVID-19 participant screening and Facility entry
  • COVID-19 safe practices
  • Training modifications 

In order to obtain the certification at the end of the course, participants must meet all evaluation standards during the in-person session. If you have any questions, please email Terri Edwards at the S.A.R.C.

Participants & Screening
  • Participants complete a COVID-19 screening during online registration.
  • When a participant arrives at the facility, a Facility Greeter will take attendance for contact tracing purposes, and will confirm with them on every visit whether their conditions changed since registration.
  • If a participant is feeling unwell, then they are asked to not attend the Leadership course and notify the Instructor or Town staff.
  • If a participant is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, then they will be asked to leave the building and get tested for COVID-19, and cannot return back into the Leadership course until they have confirmed a negative COVID-19 test result from the testing centre, or have completed a 14-day quarantine due to COVID-19.
    • If they do not have means of transportation, then they will be placed in an isolation area within the building, until they can be picked up.
  • Participants who miss classes due to COVID-19 are asked to contact the Aquatic Coordinator to determine next steps.
COVID-19 Safe Practices

The Town is following the Region’s direction and guidelines on safe practices, which include:

  • Maintain physical distancing of 2 metres.
  • Promote washing hands frequently before entering the pool and after leaving the pool.
  • Promote traffic flow by designated facility entries and exits.
  • Limit participant capacity in Leadership courses to allow for physical distancing.
  • Clean high touch surfaces frequently as per Public Health recommendations.
  • Communicate COVID-19 expectation through facility signage in prominent areas throughout the building, and information on the Town’s webpage.
  • Encourage participants to practice good hygiene (for example: cough in elbow).
  • Ensure hand sanitizers are available throughout the facility.

Promote the wearing of Face Masks and/or Face coverings in indoor enclosed areas as per the Region’s Medical Health Officer’s instructions:

  • Instructors will make every reasonable best efforts to wear Face Masks on the pool deck; however the Instructors are considered “active” when teaching Leadership courses in the pool area, and are permitted to remove their Face Masks on the pool deck.
  • Participants and Instructors will not be wearing Face Masks while participating in the water as it is a safety concern.
  • For in-water rescues, participants are encouraged to avoid face-to-face proximity during rescue activities.
Training Modifications
  • Where possible, Instructors will minimize the interaction between participants in the course by organizing participants into fixed training groups throughout the course.
  • If there are low participant numbers in the course, the Instructor may adopt the Lifesaving Society’s position of using a household member or social circle.
  • The Town recognizes that due to the nature of Aquatic Leadership courses, there are certain evaluation items where maintaining physical distancing and the fixed training group model is not feasible.

Aquatics Learn-to-Swim Programs

Learn to Swim Lessons: Will be offered starting on Monday, March 1. Register online at e-PLAY

In Winter 2021, the Town of Aurora is offering both group and private/semi-private swim lessons.

  • Group Swim classes are being offered at the A.F.L.C. and S.A.R.C.
    • Parent and Tot, Preschool and Swimmer 1-6 have a maximum class size of 4 participants.
    • Swimmer 7-9 have a maximum class size of 6 participants.
    • Each group class has a minimum two lanes of program space.
  • Private classes are being offered at the A.F.L.C. To convert to a semi-private, please email Gregory Peri
  • For both group and private swim classes, a parent/guardian is required to actively participate in the class if the participate is in Parent & Tot, Preschool or Swimmer 1-3.
  • There are no spectators permitted at this time.

Check the Community Services Program Guide for details including specific program descriptions and times.

Girl Swimming 

Aurora Lifesaving Club

Lifesaving Sport is an emerging aquatic sport that focuses on developing swimming skills through lifesaving activities.

What is Lifesaving Sport?

Image of swimmers in water

Lifesaving Sport is an emerging aquatic sport that focuses on developing swimming skills through lifesaving activities. Participants will not only learn how to swim with lifesaving equipment, throw coiled ropes and swim under obstacles; but they will also have an opportunity to attend regional competitions. The perfect youth training program for future lifeguards.

Lifesaving Sport - More Information

Shelley Makepeace
Deck Supervisor
Email Shelley Makepeace 

YRDSB & Town of Aurora Aquatic Leadership Program

Note: Due to COVID-19, the York Region District School Board’s Continuing Education Services is not offering Part 1 and Part 2 in the 2020-2021 school year. 

YRDSB/TOA Aquatic Leadership Program

Join the Hero Academy logo

Earn high school credits with YRDSB’s Aquatic Leadership Program and the Town of Aurora.

The two-part program is conducted in a blended learning format, which includes pool instruction, in-class instruction and online learning. Upon completion, successful students may earn certifications to be used to work as a lifeguard or a swim instructor.

Reasons to take the YRDSB/TOA Aquatic Leadership Program
Reasons to take the Aquatic Leadership Program:
  1. Get the training and experience needed to become a certified lifeguard or swim instructor in Ontario at significantly reduced costs.

  2. This course counts as a credit towards graduating high school. Learn real-life skills while advancing towards graduation.

  3. Build your leadership skills and become job ready with in-demand lifeguard certifications.

Course Information

Aquatics Leadership Program Courses
Course Name Credit Value Pre-requisite Certifications
Healthy Living and Aquatic Activities (PAQ2O1) 1.0
  • 13 years of age or older
  • Able to swim 400 metres continuously
  • Eligible to earn high school credits
  • Lifesaving Society's Bronze Medallion
  • Lifesaving Society's Bronze Cross
  • Lifesaving Society's Standard First Aid with CPR-C
Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership (PLF4M) 1.0
  • Must be 16 years of age by the last day of the course
  • Lifesaving Society's Bronze Cross
  • Standard First Aid with CPR-C
  • Lifesaving Society's National Lifeguard Pool
  • Lifesaving Society's Lifesaving Instructor
  • Red Cross' Water Safety Instructor

Aquatics Contact Information

Information regarding Aquatics programs, please contact:

A.F.L.C. Pool
Gregory Peri, Aquatics Coordinator
905-727-3123 Ext. 3515
Email Gregory Peri

S.A.R.C. Pool
Terri Edwards, Aquatics Coordinator
905-727-3123 Ext. 3126
Email Terri Edwards

Information regarding Aquafit classes, please contact:

A.F.L.C. & S.A.R.C. Pools
Diana Dawson-Young, Fitness Coordinator
905-727-3123 Ext. 3116
Email Diana Dawson-Young


Admission Fees
$3.65 per person, per Lane Swim/Leisure Swim/Therapy Pool
$5.00 per Adult, per Aquafit
Note: Prices effective January 1, 2021.
Learn about multi-ticket discount pricing and ticket refunds.

Desjardins Days
Free Leisure Swim activities one day per month! See website for details.
Visit our Desjardins Days webpage for more information.

Register Online

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