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Skylight Gallery - Located at Aurora Town Hall

In Aurora, supporting and nurturing the arts is a top priority.

The Town of Aurora's third floor Skylight Gallery is a fabulous open space, topped by a dramatic skylight, and is an area devoted to exhibitions by artists. Backboards and track lighting are set up to display artwork in a striking setting. Admission to this ever-changing art show is free.

Most of the artists are from York Region and occasionally beyond. The goal is to expose residents to local Canadian artists in a unique, convenient setting. The featured artist is invited to also hold a reception in the Skylight Gallery during his/her chosen month.

Monthly Feature Artist

Current Exhibit: "Silent Reflections" Artworks by Anita Niemeyer-Archibald

Aurora's Online Skylight Gallery is featuring works by artist Anita Niemeyer-Archibald in her show, “Silent Reflections”.  Working with oils on wood panel, Anita’s paintings are created with special consideration to precision.  By focusing much of her attention to the smallest detail, the viewer is drawn into the intricacies of her work. The gentle ripples of a calm lake as it laps around the ankles of her young daughter, who is contemplating a dip in the refreshing waters. The sunlight busily bouncing and reflecting in the swirling eddies of a stream while her son gazes with his back to the viewer, deep in thought.

Water, in its many natural forms, holds particular fascination for Anita Niemeyer-Archibald and she observes and captures it with sublime sensitivity and immediacy, producing paintings that are realistic and engagingly composed. Dynamic light and shadow treatments are prominent statements in her paintings. Emphasizing these two elements has enabled her to create powerfully expressive still lifes and bold compositions.

Enjoy “Silent Reflections” during the month of May. To inquire about purchasing artwork, please contact Andrea Araujo  contact Andrea Araujo.