The Town of Aurora's Citizen of the Year Award is an annual award recognizing the exceptional contributions made by a local citizen to our community. The Citizen of the Year Award has been awarded by the Town of Aurora since 1970. This individual is selected by the Office of the Mayor in consultation with a small group of dedicated community volunteers. 

This award recipient has demonstrated all-round community involvement rather than specific activity or contribution.

Congratulations to the 2022 Citizen of the Year

Sam Saberi

Citizen of the Year Sam Saberi is a volunteer who has an unwavering love for Aurora and is a strong advocate for our local businesses.

He has been an Aurora resident for 23 years and has a passion for the restaurant industry and co-owns Tina’s Grill. He is invested in giving back to our community and providing support for the less fortunate through collecting Christmas toy donations, collecting funds for the people of Ukraine, helping a driver in an accident and more.

He created a Facebook group entitled Aurora’s Finest Restaurants. With over 2,000 followers, the group shares positive experiences with local restaurants and supports one another.

Many of his customers and friends have credited him as being a unique, genuine and caring person who has an incredible sense of community.

Past Citizen of the Year Award Winners
YearAward Winner

Eric McCartney

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2017 Peter van Schaik
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2013 Ron Wallace
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1979 Omar Khamissa
1978 Bill Dinsmore
1977 Fred Bolsby
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1974 Jack Wood
1973 Don Glass
1972 J. E. (Dick) Buchanan
1971 Annebelle Black
1970      Bob Blick