The Town of Aurora will begin accepting 2024 F.A.I.R. Access applications online and in-person as of November 13, 2023. All applications must be resubmitted annually with appropriate supplementary documentation to verify eligibility. Please complete an application form for 2024 even if you have successfully received funding for 2023.

F.A.I.R. Access

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F.A.I.R. Access (Fee Assistance in Recreation) is a confidential fee assistance program for residents of Aurora to use for meaningful access to recreation programs and memberships. Qualifying Town of Aurora residents may receive up to $250 per person per calendar year to use towards a recreation program or drop-in activity of their choice. Residents qualify based on their L.I.M. (Low Income Measure) as per Statistics Canada.

Application Timing & Processes

The approximate processing time for Fee Assistance applications is 2 to 4 weeks from the time of submission. We strongly advise that families apply well in advance (minimum 4 weeks) before the designated registration start date of the program you wish to register for. You will be notified by a Town Employee via phone or email advising you of your application status. Funding is not retroactive, and cannot be applied or used towards registrations made prior to funding approval.

How to Apply

Simply complete this online form and provide all required documents.

F.A.I.R. Access - Application Form


Check out the list of frequently asked questions.

How do I register for a program once my application has been approved?

Please view our "How to Register" file for instructions on how to register online.

FAIR Access - How to Register

When can I register for a program?

Once you receive confirmation of funding approval, please check program registration dates in your Recreation Guide or on our Program Guide webpage.

Registered Programs - Pre-registration is required for registered programs. Register online at e-PLAY or pay in-person at one of our recreation facilities (A.F.L.C. or S.A.R.C.).

How long does the application and approval process take?
Applications will be reviewed as they are received and may take up to 4 weeks to review, process and approve. Please check registration dates ahead of time to ensure adequate amount of time for your application to be reviewed prior to registration opening.
Is there a deadline to apply for funds by?
Yes. Year-end cut-off is November 15, 2024. All applicants must apply by this deadline for financial assistance within this fiscal year.
Is there an age limit to apply for this funding?
No. Financial assistance through the Town’s F.A.I.R. Access program is available to Aurora residents of all ages. Residents only qualify based on their L.I.M. (Low Income Measure) as per Statistics Canada. Unlike some other subsidy programs available that residents may be familiar with, there are no age cut-offs associated with this financial assistance program.
What is L.I.M. - Low Income Measure?

The Low Income Measures (L.I.M.'s) are a set of thresholds estimated by Statistics Canada that identify Canadians whose incomes are below half of the median of the adjusted income distribution. To be eligible for F.A.I.R. Access Funding, your family income (after taxes) must be below or at the income listed in the Statistics Canada Low Income Measure cut-off table (see chart below). Family size includes you, spouse, partner and dependents living in the household.
Source: Statistics Canada (webpage)

Low Income Measures (L.I.M.)

Household Size

After-Tax Income

Household Size

After-Tax Income

1 person


6 people


2 people


7 people


3 people


8 people


4 people


9 people


5 people


10 people


Does approval of my application guarantee program choice? 
No. Registration in programs is dependent on space availability.
Is there any parent/guardian contribution required after funding has been provided? 
There may be. If a program cost exceeds the $250 provided, the family must pay the remaining balance of the program.
What is my timeline to use my funding? 
Funding must be used within the calendar year it was provided by the year-end cutoff date listed above (November 15, 2024). Please note due to the high demand of this subsidy program, staff will be conducting quarterly audits to monitor use of funds by approved recipients. In the event that this program has a waitlist, you may be requested to use funds by a specified date. Failure to do so may result in funds being reallocated to waitlisted individuals. Notices to use funds will be communicated with all recipients well in advance to allow for reasonable time to register for programs and services. This audit process helps to ensure that all funds awarded are being utilized by residents.
Do I have to reapply for F.A.I.R. Access Funding every year? 
Yes. Applications must be resubmitted with appropriate supplementary documentation each year.
What is the total amount of funding I can receive? 
Each person can receive $250 per year. If applying for multiple people in the same family, each family member would receive $250 per year.
What can I use my funding for? 

Any recreation program or membership offered by the Town of Aurora. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Swimming lessons
  • Day camps (PA Day, Winterfest, March Break, Summer)
  • General interest programs (Preschool, Children, Youth, Adult, Older Adult, Adapted Inclusion)
  • Fitness programs and Club Aurora memberships
  • Drop-ins (for example - Skating/Shinny, Swimming, Gymnasium, Rock Wall)

Note: F.A.I.R. Access funds cannot be used for facility bookings and rental fees.

If I don't finish my funding, can I apply it to my child? 
No, unused funds cannot be redistributed to any other family members. Each person is capped at $250 per person. Unused funds will expire on your account at the year-end cutoff date so that they can not be used in future years.


Franco DeMarco
Recreation Supervisor, Community Programs
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