In November 2019, Town of Aurora entered into a partnership with Canadian Women & Sport to review and development recommendations related to gender equity in sport. 

The project included a survey of Local Sport Organizations and Town of Aurora, consultation workshop with members of the community and representatives from the sport community and a final report to guide initiatives for more engagement of women in sport. 

The report provides six key priority gaps that will guide new initiatives in the community.  A Sport Equity & Inclusion Committee has been formed to lead the implementation process. 

In collaboration with community partners, the Town is excited to bring you new initiatives in the community to support the participation of women and girls.

Sport Leadership Course

Sport needs more female coaches, officials and board members.  They bring a wealth of knowledge, diverse perspectives and are role models for our younger generation.  To support young females in their journey into leadership positions, the Town of Aurora is launching the Female in Sport Leadership High School Credit Course.  The course will be delivered in partnership with ASK Online Canada in a hybrid, online and in person, model. 

This grade 12 credit will provide females will knowledge, resources and training in leadership, first aid, coaching certification, event and lesson planning, communication and much more.

Interested in learning more? Please email Hailey Jones.

Strong in Sport, Female Only Multi Sport Program

Town of Aurora launched a new program in collaboration with local sport organizations to focus on building and supporting the overall pre-teen female experience. 

Why participate in Strong in Sport?

  • Are you new to sport or physical activity, or did you leave and want to come back to sport in a fun environment?  Strong in Sport is for you!
  • Everyone can establish their own goals for the program.  Leaders will work with each participant to define realistic goals to support individual development.
  • Each participant is an important contributor to the program.  You can all learn from one another and become stronger female by knowing one another.
  • All activity will take place in a non-competitive and supportive atmosphere.
  • You will leave the program with useful tools and resources that you can bring home with you and always refer back to.
  • Meet strong female leaders that will share their story and support you in your journey to wellness.
  • Friendships – a key goal of the program is to get to know one another early, develop friendships and laugh together. 

To learn more about upcoming dates and opportunities to register, contact Hailey Jones.