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The Town of Aurora hosts a variety of courses and workshops to support the growth and development of both sport organizations and their members.
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National Coaches Certification Program (N.C.C.P.) hosted by the Town of Aurora

Coaches Association of Ontario (C.A.O.) and the Town have entered into an agreement to host in-person National Coaching Certification Program (N.C.C.P.) courses in Aurora.

Multiple sessions of two N.C.C.P. courses will be offered between mid-October 2023 to the end of February 2024 for the Aurora community.

N.C.C.P. Courses Offered in Aurora

  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Planning a Practice
Make Ethical Decisions - Course Details

Making Ethical Decisions
By successfully completing the N.C.C.P. Make Ethical Decisions (M.E.D.) training, coaches will be fully equipped to handle ethical situations with confidence and surety.

This course is 4 hours long and worth 5 PD points.

The training helps coaches identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult and potentially unsafe situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport. Upon completing the N.C.C.P. Make Ethical Decisions training, coaches will be able to:

  • Analyze a challenging situation and determine if it has moral, legal or ethical implications;
  • Apply the N.C.C.P. Ethical Decision-Making Model to properly respond to situations in a way that is consistent with the NCCP Code of Ethics; and
  • Ensure the safety of all participants.

Dates - February 24 (women’s only)

Full Course Details

Planning a Practice - Course Details

Planning a Practice
The N.C.C.P. Planning a Practice (P.A.P.) module consists of two components: a free N.C.C.P. Emergency Action Plan (E.A.P.) eLearning activity, and an in-class/online delivered module. To receive the full credit for the N.C.C.P. Planning a Practice module, coaches must complete both components.

This module’s goal is to prepare coaches to plan safe and effective practices.

The N.C.C.P. Planning a Practice learning activities will prepare you to:

  • Explain the importance of logistics in the development of a practice plan;
  • Establish an appropriate structure for a practice; and
  • Identify appropriate activities for each part of the practice.

This course is 5.5 hours and worth 5 PD points.

Dates - February 25 (women’s only)

Full Course Details

The National Coaches Certification Program (N.C.C.P.) is the cornerstone of coach education in Canada. Coaches of all 65 federally recognized sports receive their training and certification through the N.C.C.P. The N.C.C.P. is for coaches at every context and for those coaching every age of athlete.
N.C.C.P. workshops are designed for all types of coaches. Whether you’re thinking about coaching your child’s community team or you’re already the head coach of a national team, the N.C.C.P. has workshops to meet your needs.

N.C.C.P. Workshop Schedule

  • Saturday, February 24, 2024 – Make Ethical Decisions: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (women’s only) - FULL
  • Sunday, February 25, 2024 – Planning a Practice: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (women’s only) - FULL

Please note that both sessions are now full.

Learn More about the N.C.C.P. Women’s Only Weekend

In alignment with the Sport Plan, the Town is committed to supporting women, and female identifying individuals to step into leadership roles. There is a need for more females in leadership positions in sport including coaches, officials and administrators. By creating a women’s only space to learn and connect, the Town is taking an active role in supporting women and girls on their coaching and leadership journey.

Why is this a priority?

“Current coaching data indicates that women are under-represented as coaches both nationally and internationally. The Coaching Association of Canada reported that of individuals who identified taking a National Coaching Certification Program (N.C.C.P.) course and recorded it within the Locker (a dedicated online tracking system) in 2019 only 34% were women, compared to 66% men and 0.1% another gender. With the caveat that these numbers do not include any non-N.C.C.P. training entered in the Locker or any training undertaken outside of the Coaching Association of Canada purview, there is an obvious gap in rates of training for women compared to men.” (Canadian Women in Sport).

In addition to covering all costs associated with the N.C.C.P. certification on February 24 to 25, the Town has expanded programming to include childcare supervision. Research shows that women and mothers are disproportionately impacted.

“The issues influencing this trend are mostly institutional and societal. Some examples of institutional barriers include greater discrimination than coaches who are men, barriers to hiring and professional advancement, salaries, access to resources, and more. Societal barriers such as sports and gender, networking and access discrimination. While creating programs to help prepare women for coaching and leadership roles within sport, the system itself must work to be more inclusive so that it appeals to and retains diverse women coaches.” (Canadian Women in Sport)

Free Child Supervision Program

Child Supervision Program for mother’s attending either the Women’s Only N.C.C.P.: Make Ethical Decisions (February 24) or the Women’s Only N.C.C.P.: Make Ethical Decisions (February 25) workshops hosted by the Town of Aurora.

Children will enjoy a fun day of activities, songs and crafts down the hall from the N.C.C.P. instructional course. Please provide your child with a lunch and two snacks, as well as winter wear for outdoor time.


  • Offered at no cost
  • All children must be registered per day
  • Only available for registrants of the women’s N.C.C.P. weekend
  • Located in Aurora Town Square Program Room 1
  • 4 to 12 years of age
  • Additional snacks will be provided

Register Online - Child Supervision Program

Hailey Jones
Sport & Community Development Specialist