• Sport for Life – has an aim to create a future in which absolutely everyone has access to quality sport and physical literacy experiences. Visit the Sport For Life for parent resources as well as information on specific to newcomers, women and girls, athletes with a disability and much more. 
  • Rowan’s Law: Concussion Safety. Learn how to prevent, identify and manage concussions. Visit the Government of Ontario website for more information about concussion safety. 
  • Sport Law provides support to sport leaders and organizations so they can put effort and focus back where it belongs. 

They provide a wide range of services including legal, leadership, governance and risk management, inclusive solutions and more.  Sport Law has delivered a number of workshops in collaboration with the Town of Aurora for the sport community.  There are a number of resources and information on their website to assist sport organizations on a daily basis. 

  • In order to support the process, the following Volunteer Orientation Manual template has been created for use by Local Sport Organizations.  The template provides a frame of information that should be provided to each new volunteer that joins the organization.  The template highlights areas that should be adapted to your organization. 
  • This Inclusion in Sport manual is designed to provide coaches and staff with the tools, resources, and information necessary to create inclusive experiences and learn more about how they can positively impact families of children and youth with additional needs.