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Aurora's Arctic Adventure

Friday, February 12 to Monday, February 15

We've planned both Distance and Virtual Adventures for everyone in your family to enjoy over the weekend. Please check back to this webpage for weekly updates.

There will be a variety of “adventures” to participate in such as Paint Sessions,  Geocaching, Zumba Classes, Learn How to do Magic Tricks, Storytime with Wildlife, Ice Sculptures, Comfort Food Cooking videos and so much more.

Snow Sculpture Challenge

Do you love the snow as much as penguins and polar bears do? ‘Tis the season for turning snowflakes into snow shapes. This weekend, pull out your snow sculpting tools and try creating some snow sculptures. Get creative and think outside of the snowflake.

Can you create unique snow sculptures? Well, we want to hear from you and see your creations. With Family Day coming up, create your snow buddy then travel virtually around Aurora to see what other families have created.

It’s as easy as 1-2-WOW!

  • Create your snow sculpture.
  • Take a picture and email to Shelley Ware by February 9.
  • Create the wow-factor!

Photos received will be put into a slide show so that everyone can vote for their favourite, between February 12 and 14 with great prizes to be awarded to 1st Place and Honourable Mentions.

More Information and Contact

For more information, please call the Special Events line at 905-726-4762 or email Shelley Ware