The Town of Aurora has implemented a new Bag Tag program. Aurora residents can place up to three-bags or containers out for pickup every other week on their regularly scheduled collection days and any additional waste will require a bag tag.

Bulky items such as furniture, mattresses, box springs, plastic lawn furniture, toilets (separated) and carpeting do not require a tag. (Up to 5 items maximum).

Bag Tags can be purchased for $5 each tax included and are sold at:
Image of four black garbage bags one with a bag tag on it

  • Aurora Town Hall (100 John West Way)
  • Aurora Family Leisure Complex (135 Industrial Pkwy N)
  • Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex (1400 Wellington St E)

All garbage should be placed in a Town approved container or a plastic bag. Waste beyond the three-bag limit will require a bag tag sticker to be placed around the neck of the bag or it will not be picked up. Residents can put up to a maximum of six bags/bins of garbage out, three free and three paid.

Bags will not be collected beyond the three (3) bag limit without a bag tag. Additional waste beyond the limit will have a non-compliant sticker placed on it and will be left behind.

We encourage residents to use the Recycle Coach app that can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device. The app provides pickup schedules, useful information on waste and a search function that tells you where a waste item belongs.

For more information on the bag tag program call 905-727-1375 or email Access Aurora.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Aurora implementing a bag tag program?

Aurora currently has the largest per-capita waste rate amongst York Region’s Northern Six municipalities and is the only municipality that does not have a bag tag program implemented.

The program will education residents on what is to be placed in the garbage, recycling and compost and how to correctly sort their waste, limiting the amount of waste being placed at the curb. The program will also provide residents with a option to place extra waste past the three bag limit out on their regularly scheduled pickup day.

Where can I purchase Bag Tags?
Bag Tags are sold at Aurora Town Hall (100 John West Way).
Bag Tags can be purchased by Cheque, Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard.
How much are the Bag Tags?
Bag Tags can be purchased for $5 each tax included.
Where do I place the Bag Tag?
  1. Tie the top of your bag securely with a knot or twist tie.
  2. Peel off the bag tag and wrap the tag around the top of the bag. Ensure that both ends of the tag are visible and wrapped around the neck of the bag.
  3. If you are using a garbage can, place the bag tag around the top of the garbage bag so it can be seen when the lid is lifted off.
What is the maximum weight per can/bag?
Each garbage bag or garbage can be no more than 50 lbs. each.
How many bags can I put out for each pickup?

Residents can place up to three (3) bags or containers out for pick up every other week on regularly scheduled collection days. All garbage should be placed in a Town approved container or plastic bag.

The total of three (3) bags or containers. The size of the containers cannot exceed 133 litres (35g) and the weight of the containers cannot exceed 50 pounds maximum. No loose material will be accepted and all items must be bagged and tied.