Any property owner, contractor, project manager, utility company and developer, whose project involves the temporary use of the roadway, boulevard, sidewalk, or right-of-way or lane restriction is required to obtain a Road Occupancy Permit before you begin the work.

Road Occupancy Permits are required for any of the following:

  • Building projects (demolition, new build, inground pools, landscaping, below grade entrances, additions)
  • Utility Companies (natural gas, hydro, cable - install or repair)
  • Landscaping Companies (landscape supplies, soil/gravel delivery, interlock brick
  • Curb cut applications
  • Heavy Load transport
  • York Region and Metrolinx projects
  • New Developments – both residential and commercial
  • Road/Lane closures and restrictions for construction work
  • Contractors working on Town projects (site servicing, road reconstruction etc.)
  • Work on a boulevard or ditch
  • Sidewalk removal
  • Pavement/boulevard drilling
  • Pumping of concrete
  • Equipment trailers
  • Road or lane closures/restrictions

Stockpiling construction material, bins or containers within the road allowance is not permitted and is subject to enforcement and possible fines.

We’ve moved our process online!

You can now apply, pay and track the status of your Road Occupancy Permit online 24/7 for a convenient and user-friendly experience.

Applications are required a minimum of 10 days in advance of any roadway or sidewalk closures on an arterial or collector road.

 How do I apply?
  • Create an online account in CityView Portal
  • Complete the application form and submit your plans
  • Wait for staff to review the permit request and provide additional information

Please note: Plans and a deposit are required prior to approval of the permit.

 What do I need to include in my application?
  • Complete the application form 
  • Provide the Traffic Control Plan
  • Pay any required permit fee and refundable damage deposit
  • Current WSIB Certificate
  • 2-million-dollar liability insurance certificate
  • Drawings of where the work will take place and where access to the property will take place from the roadway

Please note: Once a permit has been approved, if a damage deposit is required, the applicant must pay a deposit via cheque or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only) in person at the JOC or by calling 365-500-3148.

If mailing a cheque please make the cheque out to the attention of:

Town of Aurora
Applications and Permits Coordinator (Roads)
229 Industrial Parkway North
Aurora, ON, L4G 4C4

Please provide the Permit Number or the address of the location of the work.

Deposits are refundable after all repairs to Town land are completed and approved by the Town.

 View the Operations Fees and Charges Bylaw
 Why do I need a Road Occupancy Permit?

The Road Occupancy Permit is in place to ensure there is no damage to any Town infrastructure during your project. We want to make sure all curbs, sidewalks, roadways, streetlights, road signs etc. are not damaged and will be restored by the applicant if necessary. Heavy equipment includes bob cats, skid steer, mini excavation etc.

The Road Occupancy Permit allows the Town to ensure disturbance to the right of way is necessary, ensures the road is used in a safe manner, and allows the Town to coordinate activities to ensure any impact on the public is reduced.  

Apply for a Road Occupancy Permit
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