The Town of Aurora promotes a safe and inclusive environment for all our patrons and staff. Our community is a place where all are welcome and all deserve to be treated with respect.

The following behaviour is considered inappropriate and not tolerated:

  • Violent behaviour
  • Harassment
  • Abusive or disrespectful language or behaviours
  • Disrespect for public property
  • Damaging property
  • Bullying, cyberbullying
  • Deliberate misuse of cellular phones
  • Smoking in non-designated areas
  • Displays of non-inclusionary behaviour towards others
  • Displays of “hate behaviour”
  • Contravention of any Town Policies, Bylaws, and/or Regulations

As members of the community, this is how you can help:

  • Promote the Community Code of Conduct through good role modelling
  • Report to Town staff should you witness inappropriate behaviour in Town Programs, facilities, and properties For more information, please refer to the Community Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure below.
Community Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure