The temporary closure of a Town Road to vehicles can be authorized by the Town Clerk for social, recreational, athletic, community, filming purpose, or combination of such purposes. 

How to Request a Temporary Road Closure

To request a temporary road closure within the Town of Aurora for the purpose of a street party or social/community event, the following must be submitted to the town clerk, via Customer Service (1st Floor of Town Hall) at least four weeks prior to the event:

  1. Completed Road Closure Application
  2. Completed Hold Harmless Agreement Resident or Corporation.
  3. Petition signed by all of the homeowners affected, or confirmation of notification of affected properties
  4. Completed Application for Town Traffic Supplies

If you require more information, please contact 905-727-3123 or by email to​ 

Road Excavation Permits

Residents and contractors are required to obtain a Road Excavation Permit prior to any work or construction access within the Town’s road allowance and property. Plans and a deposit of are required prior to approval of the permit. Deposits are refundable after all repairs to Town land are completed satisfactorily. Stockpiling construction material/containers within the road allowance is not permitted and is subject to enforcement and possible fines.

To obtain a road excavation permit, please visit our office at 229 Industrial Parkway N. to complete a permit application or download one below.

For more information, please call 905-727-1375. or email our roads department.