The Town of Aurora provides clean, safe, drinking water to its residents and businesses. The water in Aurora comes from surface water from Lake Ontario and Groundwater and is treated with Chloramine.

York Region manages the water supply of six wells, two elevated storage tanks, three underground storage reservoirs, and three booster pumping stations. Lake Ontario water is also supplied from the south by the York Drinking Water System (York DWS). The Town of Aurora maintains and distributes the water to consumers from the Regional Supply.

The Aurora Drinking Water System is part of an interconnecting system between Aurora, Holland Landing, Queensville, Newmarket and the larger York DWS. Connection to the York DWS reduces demand on the aquifer and provides a secure secondary source of drinking water.

Aurora's water is safe to drink. All water distributed in the municipal system must meet high levels of quality legislated by the Ministry of the Environment.

The Ontario Drinking Water Standards stipulate over 100 criteria with safe consumption limits established on the basis of epidemiological and toxicological research. The criteria is revised periodically to reflect any new findings or concerns.

Water Quality Reports​

Water quality reports are prepared each year:

Protecting our Water Quality

Whether our water comes from a lake or from the ground, its quality can be impaired by human activity. Small things that individuals do can, collectively, have a big impact. To do your part in maintaining water quality:​

  • Don't dispose of hazardous waste or chemicals (including medicine) down the drain or in storm sewers. Please visit your nearest Household ​Hazardous Waste Depot​ to ensure proper disposal.
  • Use fertilizers and pesticides sparingly
  • Report spills to the Ministry of the Environment at 1-800-268-6060
  • Use environmentally-friendly products
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