Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

The Town of Aurora is pleased to offer two options for couples interested in our civil ceremony wedding program.

A civil ceremony is a non-religious ceremony and is a great option for couples looking to make it official but don't want to have a large service or reception. A civil ceremony is also a good option if you are having a destination wedding and want to insure that all of your legal paperwork is filed in Ontario.  

Our Town staff wedding officiants are available to couples to marry them at our Aurora Town Hall in an intimate private service. This service includes the space rental, use of wedding arch and florals, the officiant fee and a keepsake from the Town of Aurora. 

To inquire on dates available for a civil ceremony at Town Hall, call Ivy Henriksen at 905 726-4766. 

The Town of Aurora is also pleased to offer a new Micro-Wedding option at our newly renovated historical Aurora Armoury historical renovated Aurora Armoury, located at 89 Mosley Street. 

This option is in collaboration with "The Armoury" operated by the Canadian Food and Wine Institute (CFWI) nestled adjacent to our Aurora Town Park location. The Armoury and CFWI offers the perfect location and ambience for a civil ceremony with reception option for wedding groups up to 120.

A Micro-wedding can be offered without food service.

To inquire about the Micro-Wedding package pricing and availability at the Armoury, call direct at 905 751-8273. 

Civil Marriage Ceremony Questionnaire

Both Applicants are required to attend a mandatory ceremony consultation meeting with the Marriage Officiant. Consultation meetings will be scheduled during regular business hours usually two (2) weeks prior to the Ceremony date.

Both Applicants must bring the following to the consultation meeting:

  1. A valid Ontario Marriage Licence;
  2. Photo identification (e.g., Driver’s Licence, current Passport)
  3. A completed Civil Marriage Ceremony Questionnaire

Consultation meetings can be booked with the Marriage Officiant at time of reservation.

For more information about Civil Marriages or to book a ceremony, please contact the Customer Service Department at 905-727-1375 or


General Information
Ceremony Dates & Times
Weddings are conducted on most Fridays in the Aurora Council Chambers. Couples wanting to book a civil wedding ceremony at Town hall are encouraged to email to request their desired date and a member of the wedding team will get back to them within one business day. Requests for weddings outside of the Friday schedules will be considered on a case by case basis, when space and resources are available
Booking Ceremonies
Ceremonies must be booked in person at least two (2) weeks in advance. It is recommended that you book your Ceremony as far in advance as possible.
Ceremony Locations
Ceremonies will normally be held in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. Other appropriate locations at Town Hall may be used for certain Ceremony days if the Council Chambers is not available.
Ceremony Fee $520
Change of Date Fee (within 7 days of ceremony) $38.25
Cancellation Fee (prior to consultation meeting) $72
Cancellation Fee (after consultation meeting) $207

Note: Fees must be paid at time of reservation and can be paid by cash, debit, Visa/Mastercard or by money order/certified cheque

Marriage Licenses

Couples who want to get married in Ontario require a valid Ontario Marriage Licence, which can be purchased from the Town. Marriage licences are valid for a period of three months after the issue date and must be given to the Marriage Officiant during the consultation meeting. For more information on obtaining a Marriage Licence please visit the Town's Marriage Licences webpage


Two (2) witnesses are required to be present during the Ceremony. Although there is no minimum age for a witness, it is suggested that they should be at least 14 years of age (16 years old preferred) and should be able to understand and appreciate what is taking place and be able to give evidence of such at a later date, if required

If you cannot provide witnesses, Town Staff may be able to fulfil this role (subject to availability). The fee for this service is $70 per witness.

If you do not understand or read English, you must provide your own interpreter and he/she must provide identification. The interpreter should not be one of the witnesses.
Ceremony Scripts & Music

The Couple may review and choose from four Ceremony scripts. The Couple may personalize parts of the script, including the addition of their own personal vows. Changes to the Ceremony scripts, including the addition of personal vows, must be approved by the Marriage Officiant during the consultation meeting. Written copies of proposed changes should be brought to the consultation meeting.

Music deemed by the Marriage Officiant to be appropriate to the occasion will be allowed. The Applicants must supply a music player for their recorded music

Ceremony Details

The availability of off-site wedding ceremonies is at the discretion of the Marriage Officiant and may be subject to additional charges.

Couples can choose to bring additional decorations and music. Please review the general information and guidelines for additional information on acceptable decorations and music.

Couples can choose from one of four ceremony scripts (see below under "Downloads.") You can also add your own personalized vows or other custom elements. All additions to the ceremony must be approved by the Marriage Officiant at the mandatory consultation meeting and cannot include religious elements due to the civil nature of the ceremony.

Guidelines and Rules

Applicants (the “Couple”) must agree to abide by these guidelines and rules as a condition of the Town agreeing to provide the Couple with Civil Marriage Ceremony services (“Ceremony”)


  1. The Couple, as the renters of the Council Chambers (or any other Town Facility) for the Ceremony, do hereby consent to defend and indemnify The Corporation of the Town of Aurora (the “Town”) for any loss or damage incurred by their invitees and guests. The Couple agrees that the Town will not be held responsible for personal injury or damage, nor for the theft or loss of any personal property of anyone attending on the invitation of the Couple.
  2. The Couple shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the Council Chambers.
  3. The use of candles, confetti, rice, flower petals, incense, bubbles, and anything else which Town Staff may determine from time to time is prohibited in or on the Town Hall property (100 John West Way).
  4. The Couple is permitted to bring minimal decorations for their Ceremony (e.g., flowers, balloons). They may be placed 10 minutes prior to the start of the Ceremony and removed within 10 minutes of the conclusion of the Ceremony. The Couple shall be responsible for any damage to any Town property caused by the placement of their decoration.
  5. No consumption of alcohol or other stimulants by the Couple and/or witnesses is permitted prior to or during the Ceremony. The Marriage Officiant will cancel the Ceremony without a refund if this rule is violated.
  6. Music deemed by the Marriage Officiant to be appropriate to the occasion will be allowed. The Couple must supply a music player for their recorded music.
  7. Due to the civil nature of the service, the Ceremony shall not refer to any particular or identifiable religious connotations or traditions.
  8. In order to maintain the dignity of the Ceremony, clothing should be appropriate for the occasion.
  9. A maximum of 120 guests (including the bride, groom and designated witnesses) can be accommodated in the Council Chambers. The maximum number of guests for a Ceremony held in another Town Facility will be in accordance with occupancy permits for that Facility.
  10. A Ceremony will take approximately 20 minutes. The Couple should arrive at least ten(10) minutes prior to the Ceremony time to allow time to review final details. The Marriage Officiant may, at his or her own discretion, cancel any Ceremony when the Couple arrives ten (10) or more minutes after the scheduled start of the Ceremony.
  11. The taking of photographs during the Ceremony is permitted provided that it does not interfere with the Ceremony as determined by the Marriage Officiant.
  12. Cell phones must be turned off or put in silent mode prior to the commencement of the Ceremony.
  13. An administration fee, as established by Town By-law, will be charged for any change of date within seven (7) days (subject to availability) of a scheduled Ceremony.
  14. An administration fee, as established by Town By-law, will be charged for any cancellation of a scheduled ceremony.

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