Drop-In Activities - All of our drop-in activities are "first come first serve". Pre-registration is not required. Participants are encouraged to come a few minutes before the start of their drop-in activity, check in and/or pay at the Customer Service desk and obtain an access ticket.

Adult Pickleball & Adult Volleyball Drop-Ins - There is an alternative process for admissions to these drop-ins. Please visit the A.F.L.C. Drop-In Programs webpage for full details.

A.F.L.C. Drop-In Programs - webpage

Fitness Memberships - Anyone holding a Group Fitness / Aquafit Membership, Inclusive Membership or a Squash Membership, will have the added-value benefit to pre-register for their classes or court bookings 7 days in advance.

Registered Programs - Pre-registration is required for registered programs. Register online at e-PLAY or pay in-person at one of our recreation facilities (A.F.L.C. or S.A.R.C.).

Drop-Ins & Memberships - To learn about admission to drop-in activities and memberships, please see below.

Introducing Pass Validation

The Community Services Department is pleased to announce that we are launching a new module in our recreation registration software system, known as Pass Validation. The implementation of this module will better assist Customer Service staff in managing memberships, admission for drop-in activities and daily check-in of our facility users.

As early as June 1, and throughout the summer, all facility users will be asked to obtain a “key tag” that will be linked to their e-PLAY account with their membership and/or ticket information, personal information and photo. This new module will offer a more seamless and streamlined purchasing and check-in process for our facility users at both the A.F.L.C. and S.A.R.C.  With all memberships and pre-paid tickets on their account, clients no longer need to worry about losing their tickets or forgetting their membership card.

Some Things You Need to Know

  • Your key tag will be specific to you. To verify your identity, we will take a photo of you and upload it into our system so that each time you scan in, we can confirm that you are the authorized user.
  • You will be able to continue to use your access FOB over the course of the summer, which will allow you to choose a convenient time to make the switch. Stay after you finish a class or a swim, or stop by on your way into your activity. We hope to have all members on the new system by September 1, 2022.
  • Note - Wait times to check in may increase over the first couple of weeks in June, as many people will be making this switch. Plan ahead and arrive early to ensure you do not miss your classes.


Check out the list of frequently asked questions.

Do I need to bring my drop-in tickets in to switch to a pass?
If you currently have drop-in tickets, you will be able to continue to use them until they have all been redeemed. We will not be trading perforated drop-in tickets for key tags, but you may wish to set-up your key tag during any visit so that your next ticket purchase is quick and easy.
Is there a cost for the new key tag?
There is no initial fee for a new key tag, however there will be a replacement fee if you lose or damage it.
Can I still share my tickets with members of my family?
Yes! When you purchase your tickets, you will be asked who in your household should also be able to use them. Each family member will need to have a key tag set up.
I don't like to carry my keys, can I use my phone to check-in instead?
Our scanners are equipped for digital scanning, so as long as you take a clear photo of the back of your key tag on your phone, you will be able to use that to scan in.
I have one of the old access FOBs - Do I still need it?
Once you have obtained your new key tag, you will no longer need your old access FOB. You will be able to return it and receive a credit for the $10 deposit you submitted when you first signed up for a membership.

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