The Town of Aurora is committed to helping children get to school safely. Please pay attention to traffic and parking restrictions in and around school zones. They are there to ensure the safety of our children and compliance is regularly enforced. ​

​Approved by Aurora Town Council in 2013, we're pleased to be the first municipality in York Region to introduce a School Travel Planning policy, started by our Infrastructure & Environmental Services (Public Works) department.

What is School Travel Planning (STP)?

The STP goal is to increase the amount of students choosing to travel to and from school using active modes (walking, skateboarding, cycling or carpooling) of transportation.

More students using active modes helps address important issues related to physical activity, traffic congestion, air quality and neighbourhood safety.

What does this mean for Aurorans?

STP gives a template for our staff when dealing with travel-related issues at schools and encourages safe, healthy, active travel to and from school.

Remember to walk safely. With less daylight this time of year, please make sure you are visible to traffic, especially in the early morning and evening.

Tips on how to walk safely

Teach children about pedestrian safety when walking them to school.

In order to safely cross the street on their own, they need three important skills usually developed between nine and 11 years old:

  • Be able to decide on a safe route to cross streets
  • Be able to reasonably judge a vehicle's speed
  • Judge safe gaps in traffic in order to cross the street
  • Supervise children who have not yet mastered these skills.

Teach your children to cross the road safely:

  • Stand well back on the sidewalk until ready to cross the street
  • Use crosswalks and intersections with crossing guards if available
  • Make sure vehicles travelling in all directions have come to a complete stop and the road has no visible moving traffic before crossing
  • Always make eye contact with the driver
  • Walk, do not run
  • Walk beside bikes or scooters; do not ride while crossing the road
  • Do not wear earphones or text while walking​

Do you live within walking distance to school?

Choosing active transportation, such as walking to school, instead of riding in a vehicle has many benefits:

  • ​Increased physical activity helps mental well-being, reduces depression and anxiety levels and improves self-esteem;
  • Improved learning and concentration have been seen when students are active before coming to class;
  • Get to know your community by spending valuable time with family, friends and meeting your neighbours; and
  • The short walk to and from school counts towards the daily physical activity children need to be active for health benefits.

When travelling to school, be sure to cross the road at supervised, marked crossings and obey the crossing guard. ​

Drivers: Please be aware of school zones!

Reminder to drivers: Be alert when driving in a school community. Here are some drive safe recommendations:

  • Observe all road signage;
  • Follow posted speed limits; school zones have reduced speeds so drivers can safely stop to allow children to cross the street;
  • Avoid U-turns, backing up and making three-point turns;
  • Watch for vehicles, pedestrians, bikes, scooters and stopped school buses; and
  • Observe placement of crosswalks, traffic lights and road signage.

This winter…Get active!

Aurora has more than 57 km of pathways and multi-use trails, including the Nokiidaa and Oak Ridges Moraine, suitable for:

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Cross-country skiing.

Our trails offer a great way to see our most scenic and natural areas.

Using our trails system also contributes to a healthy lifestyle and reduces traffic and pollution within our community.

Want to learn more about the parks and trails system? Pick up a copy of our Streets, Parks & Trails map. Copies are available on a one-per-household basis from Aurora Town Hall or download a copy.