​The Town of Aurora is fortunate to have an extensive pedestrian trail system which connects many of its neighbourhood parks, Town facilities and open space corridors. At present, the Town maintains approximately 57 kilometres of trails.

All Aurora trails are considered multi-use, with the primary focus being pedestrian hikers. Opportunities also exist for cross country skiers. The majority of our trails are compact gravel surfaces with some asphalt sections through neighbourhood and community parks.          

Enjoy Aurora's Trail Systems

Come out and enjoy a leisurely hike through the natural valley land setting of mixed forests, meadows and wetland habitats on the Tim Jones Trail (formerly the Nokiidaa Trail) This trail is Aurora's longest trail corridor stretching from the Newmarket border in the North (just East of Yonge Street, North of St. John's Side Road) to Sheppards Bush (just South of Wellington, West of Bayview). The trail corridor links municipal facilities such as the Aurora Family Leisure Complex, the Aurora Town Hall and the Aurora Senior's Centre as well as passing through the Aurora Community Arboretum, Lambert Willson Park, and Sheppards Bush.Photo of Tim Jones Boardwalk

The Klaus Wehrenberg Trail adjoins the Tim Jones Trail in Sheppards Bush and continues south through the hardwood forest to Vandorf Side Road where it meets the Evans Park Trail running South from Vandorf Side Road to Evans Park.

Another significant trail corridor is the Willow Farm/Lakeview trail system, a trail linking parks and linear open space corridors within the forested hills of St. Andrews in Northwest Aurora. The topography is very undulating as the trail rises up to one of the highest points of elevation within Aurora.

Passive, mature forest trails can be explored in Case Woodlot and Sheppards Bush as well as the urban and rural sections of the Oak Ridges Trail system.

Whatever your choice, lace up, come on out and enjoy some of the finest scenery right here on Aurora's Trail system.

Parks & Trails Etiquette

General Safety Tips

  • Prepare for the weather. Wear sunscreen, bring water, watch for slippery surfaces, wear appropriate footwear and dress to suite the temperature
  • Be courteous to other trail users
  • Plan to be off the trail system a half hour before dusk (please note most of our nature trails are not lit for night-time use)

  • Carry identification and a cell phone if available

  • Use the trails with a friend or with a group

Pet Etiquette

  • Dogs must be under control and on a  leash at all times
  • Please pick up after your dog
  • A leash-free dog park is located at Canine Commons on Industrial Parkway North

Cycling Safely

  • Yield to pedestrian or other cyclist and alert them as you approach from behind

  • Look ahead and do not become distracted

  • Be predictable: Follow rules, obey signs and signal your intentions

  • Wear a helmet. Bicycle helmets are law for all Ontario cyclists under the age of 18 and they are highly recommended for cyclists of any age

  • When you are cycling on the road you are considered to be operating a vehicle and therefore you have rights and responsibilities. If you are unsure about your duties as a cyclist please consult the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990

Respecting Nature

  • Stay on the designated trails, as walking through vegetation can destroy plants, disrupt wildlife habitat and compact the soil
  • Please leave nature as it is for future generations to enjoy!


Please download a copy of the 2018 Stre​ets Parks & Trails Map ​

Notes of Caution

Please note that our trails are not groomed or maintained during the winter months and conditions vary widely. Surface conditions can change dramatically during the winter to create potentially hazardous hiking and skiing conditions. All users are advised to respect other trail users, stay on designated trails, and exercise caution at all times.

The use of motorized vehicles is strictly prohibited on any municipal trail or parkland. Any person using the Town's Pedestrian Trail System does so at their own risk.

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