The Town of Aurora continues to offer a patio extension process to help support restaurants and bars to temporarily extend outdoor patio spaces.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) launched the permissions in an effort to support businesses as they work to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The AGCO is authorizing eligible “By the Glass” licenses to temporarily extend or add a temporary physical extension of their licensed premises with permission from municipal authorities.

For restaurants and bars seeking to extend or create new temporary patio space, the Town of Aurora requires the submission of a Site Plan Exemption Application that includes a scaled plan that shows the following:

Location and dimensions of patio

  • Setbacks of patio to buildings and property lines
  • Location of existing buildings/structures on site include entrances/exits
  • Patio fencing details (materials, height and locations for entrance/exit)
  • Furniture and fixture placement within patio, if possible
  • Aisle widths within the patio
  • Location of parking, pedestrian and drive aisles on site – dimensions may be required if patio encroaches into any of these areas
  • Copy of Liquor License
  • Provide photos of the space (optional)

Patio Exemption Application Form

The Town will review all patio applications and design concepts from businesses to ensure universal accessibility, public safety (including fire and separation from traffic) and the streetscape experience is enhanced and not negatively impacted by the introduction or extension of a patio. All applications are required to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).


To continue to support local businesses with ongoing post-Covid recovery, the Town is waving the application fee for site plan exemptions for temporary patio expansions.

Applicants seeking renewal of a previously approved patio must submit a new application for each season, noting that the application request is for a renewal. This only applies if no changes were made to the design, and is still subject to Fire and Health inspections as applicable.

Applicants that have permanent patios, or have permanently extended existing patios can send an inquiry to the Planning Department to determine if an application is required, and/or if documentation is required for ACGO licensing.

For more information please send an email to the Planning Department

Notifying the AGCO of an Approved Temporary Outdoor Physical Extension (Temporary Patio)

Effective January 1, 2023, if you have received municipal approval for a temporary outdoor physical extension (temporary patio), you are required to then notify the AGCO before you start selling and serving liquor on this temporary patio.

You will need to tell the ACGO:

  1. The start date that liquor will be sold and served on the temporary patio
  2. How many months per year you have been approved to operate the temporary patio
  3. The months that you intend to operate the temporary patio
  4. The expiry date of your approval (if applicable)
  5. A description of the location and dimensions of the temporary patio
  6. Any conditions specified on the approval by the municipality

You must also notify us if your approval is suspended or withdrawn, or if the conditions of the approval are changed or added:

For more information:  Notifying the AGCO of an Approved Temporary Outdoor Physical Extension (Temporary Patio) | Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario