The Town has developed Landscape Design Guidelines that are administered by Parks Division staff to assist applicants in the preparation of Landscape Plans as one of the components of the various submissions required in support of development applications to the Planning and Development Services Department. The Guidelines are intended to provide a comprehensive reference of clear and consistent landscape standards and to provide guidance and assistance in the realization of high quality landscape environments. 

The Guidelines outline general provisions for Landscape Works for development proposals within the Town of Aurora. Landscape Work is recognized as being an essential component to any site development and is considered a critical item in the success of any development. Landscape Works integrate the built environment with the natural environment, enhance the visual character of neighbourhoods and streetscapes, and contribute to the long-term success of new developments. The objective is to achieve excellence in the design and implementation of Landscape Works, through sustainable and sensitive development.

The Guidelines contained herein describe minimum acceptable landscape standards for site development, and have been prepared for the various types of submissions that may occur in the Town of Aurora. This includes primarily Subdivision and Site Plan developments, but is also applicable to developments as a result of Re-zoning applications, Committee of Adjustment and Stable Neighbourhood applications. Vegetation Management Policies are also provided in context of the above noted development application types to address vegetation removal, preservation, and compensation requirements.

Applicants are encouraged to review development proposals with Parks Division staff to discuss the landscape guidelines and vegetation management policies and to discuss any site-specific issues prior to the submission of any particular type of application.

For further information or clarification regarding the following Guidelines and Policies, please address inquiries to:

Operational Services – Parks Division
Town of Aurora Joint Operations Centre
229 Industrial Parkway North
Aurora, Ontario L4G 4C4
Telephone:  905-727-3123, ext. 3226 or 3227

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