Measuring the economic value of natural capital assets (the ecosystem) is a relatively new field pertaining to economic indicators. Pioneers in this field include the David Suzuki Foundation and Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. There is a growing consensus that all corporations should factor in the benefit of natural capital within the overall economic health of the corporation.

In order to determine the economic value of Aurora's natural capital assets, a detailed analysis of all existing natural assets was completed utilizing the Town's Geographic Information System (GIS). This resultant mapping and data was then analyzed, stakeholder review was completed and with the added assistance of various members of Town steering committee's the Economic Value of Natural Capital Reports was completed.

The completed Economic Value of Natural Capital Assets report builds the case for the protection of natural capital assets from an economic prospective but also stresses the benefits of such protection such as reduction of greenhouse gases, reduction in pollution, clean water supply, public health benefits and overall climate regulation.

The report concludes that the total economic value of Aurora's natural assets is estimated at approximately $7.4 million annually. This is a significant value attributed to the protection of environmental features, reduction in greenhouse gases and other ecological benefits.


The Economic Value of Na​​tural Capital Assets​