Joint Operations Centre

The Joint Operations Centre (JOC) received a LEED® Gold Standard.  The Joint Operations Centre project is the first building of its kind in The Town's history. 

The JOC includes the following green design considerations to create a healthy and efficient working environment while decreasing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Locally-sourced products and natural materials
  • Low-volatile organic compound (VOC) products 
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Green houses to grow plant materials for use within Town
  • Rain water harvesting used in green houses and for vehicle and equipment wash bay
  • Green roofs
  • White roofs reducing heat retention and the "heat island" effect
  • Windows to capture natural light and provide views to natural spaces
  • Operable windows for fresh air
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting systems
  • Water conservation low-flow hands-free plumbing fixtures
  • Tree harvesting
  • High efficiency heating and cooling systems
  • Fresh air ventilation systems
  • Building automation and control system
  • Motion sensor lighting control
  • Drought resistant plantings
  • Pervious concrete drainage systems to control storm water
  • Carpool designated parking
  • Electronic vehicle charging stations

The JOC does not have any permittable rooms or halls.