​Comprehensive Zoning By-law 6000-17 Approved by Council June 27, 2017

​​​​​​​​On June 27 2017, Council approved By-law 6000-17, completing the first comprehensive review of the zoning by-law since 1979. The new Comprehensive Zoning Review applies zoning provisions to implement the Town's Official Plan, particularly specific land use and parking policies of the Promenade Plan; replaces language and provisions of the current out-dated By-law; resolves known issues and conflicts to address better implementation and administration; updates definitions where appropriate for all uses; updates parking provisions; reorganizes use and performance standards provisions of the Bylaw into more user friendly tables and charts; reduces the number of site specific zones and list them in a sepa​rate section;  and, establishes more progressive and up to date By-law standards. 

 The new Comprehensive By-law strikes the right balance between existing-as-of-right permissions and updated practice, standards and provisions. ​

Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw 

By-law 6000-17 Signature Page
By-law 6000-17, Sections 1-23
By-law 6000-17, Section 24 - List of Exceptions

By-law 6000-17 Maps

Interactive Zo​ning​ Web Application

Schedule A.1, Promenade Zone Map - Jan. 2019
Schedule A. 2 Promenade Parking Map - Jan. 2019
Schedule A.3, Natural Hazard Overlay - Jan. 2019
Schedule A.4 Wellhead Protection Area - Jan. 2019

Schedule A Large_Zone_Colour
Schedule A Large_Zone_Colour_Air_Photo
Schedule A Large_Zone_Coloured_Appeals

Schedule A Key_Map​
Schedule A Large_Zone​
Schedule A Map 1
Schedule A Map 2​
Schedule A Map 3

Schedule A Map 3_OMB_Appeal
Schedule A Map 4​
Schedule A Map 5
Schedule A Map 6
Schedule A Map 7
Schedule A Map 8​
Schedule A Map 9
Schedule A Map 10​

Schedule B Key_Map_KNHF​
Schedule B Map 2(KNHF)
Schedule B Map 2_(KNHF)
Schedule B Map 4(KNHF)​
Schedule B Map 4_(KNHF)
Schedule B Map 5(KNHF)
Schedule B Map 5_(KNHF)​
Schedule B Map 6(KNHF)​
Schedule B Map 6_(KNHF)​
Schedule B Map 7(KNHF)
Schedule B Map 7_(KNHF)
Schedule B Map 9(KNHF)​
Schedule B Map 9_(KNHF)​
Schedule B Map 10(KNHF)​

Schedule B Map 10_(KNHF)​

Schedule C Key_Map_Aquifer​
Schedule C Map 2_Aquifer​
Schedule C Map 4_Aquifer
Schedule C Map 5_Aquifer
Schedule C Map 6_Aquifer
Schedule C Map 7_Aquifer
Schedule C Map 9_Aquifer​
Schedule C Map 10_Aquifer​​​

Schedule D Key_Map_Wells​
Schedule D Map 2_Wells
Schedule D Map 4_Wells​
Schedule D Map 5_Wells
Schedule D Map 6_Wells
Schedule D Map 7_Wells
Schedule D Map 9_Wells
Schedule D Map 10_Wells​

Schedule E Key_Map_Landform​​
Schedule E Map 2_Landform​
Schedule E Map 4_Landform​
Schedule E Map 5_Landform
Schedule E Map 6_Landform
Schedule E Map 7_Landform​
Schedule E Map 9_Landform​
Schedule E Map 10_Landform​​

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