Virtual Programs

The Town of Aurora is excited to offer a range of virtual programs for you to enjoy the benefits of recreation from home. This programming is meant to encourage participants to build healthy habits, experience social interactions with peers and have fun.

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  • Preschool - Ages 1 to 7
  • Children's - Ages 6 to 14
  • Holiday - Ages 1 to 8

Registered Programs - Pre-registration is required for registered programs. Register online at e-PLAY or pay in-person at one of our recreation facilities (A.F.L.C. or S.A.R.C.).

Drop-Ins & Memberships - To learn about admission to drop-in activities and memberships, please visit our Pass Validation webpage.

Prepare to Play Virtually

Play virtually from the comfort of your own home in 4 easy steps.
Steps Actions
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1 - Choose Your Program

Check out the variety of arts, STEM, dance and inclusion programs available. From preschool to children to teens, there’s something for everyone!

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2 - Gather Your Supplies

Each program will provide a list of needed items and technical requirements. Some programs include an activity kit to be picked up before the first class.

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3 - Set-Up Your Space

Find a quiet space inside your home with space to move or an area to use a device. Make sure spaces are well lit and free of obstacles!

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4 - Have Fun & Learn

Virtual programs bring the fun of recreation to you! Enjoy the programs you love, while learning and connecting with others from the safety of home.

What are Virtual Programs?

Learn all about our virtually programming below. 

Program Types 

Get your hands messy with science experiments. Code or build your own virtual characters. Share a story-time with residents from all over our community. Move your body and build your gross motor skills. Wherever your interests may lie, we’ve got a virtual program for you! Looking for a preschool, children or teen program? We’ve got preschool prep programs, children’s cooking programs and teen social experiences. There is something for all ages and abilities.

Technology Requirements 

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Most programs will require the use and familiarity with the following programs and technology:

  • Zoom
  • Computer or tablet device with access and use of speakers, microphone and camera
  • Reliable access to internet 
Required Items & Spaces 

To participate in programs, it is recommended that participants find a quiet and well-lit space in their residence. If a program involves gross motor activities, it is recommended that participants find a well-lit space that is free of obstacles.

Some programs may require the use of items from home (for example - a towel to lay on while stretching or a ball to use while mimicking instructor actions) or the purchasing of additional supplies (for example - food items for a cooking workshop). Activity Kits may be provided for specific programs or activities. For programs that require Activity Kits, pick-up dates and instructions will be provided prior the beginning of programs. The cost of Activity Kits will be built into program costs.
Parent/Caregiver Participation & Involvement 

Depending on the type of programming, some virtual programs may require various levels of parent/caregiver participation. Parent/caregiver participation may involve:

  • Active participation in programming (for example - dancing with your child or playing a game).
  • Helping children during program tasks (for example - cutting out shapes for a craft).
  • Motivation and support for children (for example - prompting children to participate or keeping them on task and participating or involved).
It is recommended that there is always a parent/caregiver on-site with participants either in the same space or nearby for supervision and safety. 


Jodi Alexander
Community Programs Coordinator
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Julie Stephenson
Youth Coordinator
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